New Stitch YAHTZEE, ‘Encanto’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Lotería Games Available

Kyle Silagyi

New Stitch YAHTZEE, ‘Encanto’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Lotería Games Available

Beloved Disney films both classic and recent have received new representation in the form of games released by The OP. A “Lilo and Stitch”-inspired take on YAHTZEE is now available alongside new lotería games featuring characters from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Encanto.”

Stitch YAHTZEE – $23.99

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Inject some chaos into your YAHTZEE nights with this “Stitch” edition of the beloved game. The small cardboard box that the set comes in is blue and purple and features a large depiction of Stitch on the side.

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The game comes with a collectible tiki-style cup with some obvious Polynesian inspiration. The cup features two outlines of Stitch carved into either side; the loveable alien looks calm in one carving and ready to wreak havoc in the other.

The set also comes with its own tiki-themed dice. The small faux-wood dice feature imagery and iconography from “Lilo & Stitch,” including Lilo, a plasma blaster, and a rocket ship.

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Stitch YAHTZEE is currently available for purchase on TheOP website.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” Loteria Game – $19.99

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Ring in spooky season with this “The Nightmare Before Christmas”-inspired version of lotería, a traditional Mexican game that’s similar to bingo. At the start of each round, each player receives a handful of markers and a board containing 16 randomly dispersed images. Images are then selected from a shuffled deck of cards, and if that image appears on your board, you place a marker on it. The object is to fill a specific section of (or the entire) board with markers.

This particular lotería set transports players to Halloween Town, as the cards, boards, and markers feature characters and imagery from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The box that the game comes in is black and offers a glimpse at what the game pieces look like.

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The cards coincide with the images printed on the boards, with each featuring an illustration of Jack Skellington and Sally on the back. Several characters and images from the 1993 film are printed on the cards, including Jack, Sally, Oogie Boogie, the doors leading to Thanksgiving Town and Easter Town, and the iconic final shot of the film. Card names and descriptions are written in both English and Spanish.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” Lotería is currently available on

“Encanto” Loteria Game – $24.90

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The “Encanto” lotería set is packaged and structured similarly to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” version, only replacing the spooky stop-motion imagery with characters and iconography from the 2021 Walt Disney Animation Studios film. Members of the Madrigal family, including Mirabel, Isabel, and Bruno, appear on the cards. There’s also a card representing the entire Madrigal family and Castia Madrigal.

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The packaging features Mirabel front and center. Like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” set, each card contains descriptions in both English and Spanish. This lotería game, though developed by The OP, is a BoxLunch exclusive and is currently available for purchase on their website.

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