Official Disney Lorcana Companion Application Adds ‘FAQ’ Section to Specific Cards to Help New & Experienced Players

Kyle Silagyi

Official Disney Lorcana Companion Application Adds ‘FAQ’ Section to Specific Cards to Help New & Experienced Players

Ravensburger has added a Frequently Asked Questions section to specific cards on their official Disney Lorcana TCG Companion app to help answer questions posed by new and experienced players alike. The section elaborates on potentially confusing game mechanics while also providing answers to card-specific questions or problems that may arise during gameplay.

Disney Lorcana Companion App Adds FAQ Category

Lorcana App More Information Tab

The FAQ section appears after clicking on the “More Information” selectable tap seen at the bottom of the screen when the user selects a specific card. The questions discussed in the section range from general to uber-specific. The information helps not only new players looking to further familiarize themselves with the rules, but also players experienced with trading card games looking to learn the intricacies of specific cards.

The section serves as a pseudo, and potentially only temporary, version of the “Disney Lorcana Comprehensive Rules.” In an early-September document highlighting the official Disney Lorcana Tournament Rules, Ravensburger referenced the “Disney Lorcana Comprehensive Rules,” implying the existence of a document or, at least, formal rules set that they, to that point, had not yet acknowledged.

The FAQ section on specific cards provides some of the information that one would expect to find in any “Comprehensive Rules” document. It’s possible that a formal document or guide will ultimately be released, but it’s also possible that the FAQ sections serve as the official Disney Lorcana Comprehensive Rules guide, only offered on a mobile application as opposed to in a Microsoft Word document or PDF.

Disney Lorcana

lorcana 16

Disney Lorcana is a new Disney-focused trading card game created by Ravensburger. The company describes the game as an experience in which players can “wield magic inks and the power of Lorcana to assemble [their] team of Disney characters” on the official Disney Lorcana website, warning that “some characters will be familiar friends” while “others will be fantastically reimagined.”

The game was released at specialty stores and Disneyland Paris on August 18 and debuted at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resorts 10 days later, proving to be a difficult-to-acquire product at most locations. The game had its wide release on September 1, becoming available at general retailers and on shopDisney, where it’s still consistently sold out or in short supply.

lorcana wdw 1 1

All cards released thus far have belonged to “The First Chapter” of the game. Cards from this set will be reprinted early next year in an effort to meet demand. The second chapter, titled ‘Rise of the Floodborn,” was formally revealed earlier this month and will be released to local retailers on November 17 and widely on December 1. Special Disney100 Edition Disney Lorcana cards signed by Disney animators are also on their way.

If you would like to learn how to play Disney Lorcana, you can watch our full video guide below.

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