Official Disney Lorcana Tournament Rules Guide Released

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Official Disney Lorcana Tournament Rules Guide Released

Disney Lorcana, a new trading card game developed by Ravensburger, has proven to be a popular product since its limited release in mid-August and wide debut on September 1, quickly selling out after releasing at the Walt Disney World Resort on August 28 while consistently being in short supply on shopDisney and general retailers. Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on some of the product and wish to play it competitively are in luck, as Ravensburger has released an official tournament rules guide on its website.

Disney Lorcana Tournament Rules Guide

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The 11-page document highlights important tournament components such as roles, match mechanics, and proper formatting, and can be read in its entirety on the Ravensburger website.

Nothing included in the document fundamentally alters gameplay or is a wild departure from anticipated tournament rules, though there are a few interesting pieces of information. The document explains the two different Disney Lorcana tournament types: Constructed tournaments, which are played with decks constructed of the player’s own cards “legal for the specific Constructed format being played,” and Limited tournaments, which are contested with initially unopened packs as opposed to cards that players bring with them. Limited tournaments consist of three different formats: Sealed, Preconstructed, and Draft, and either tournament type can be contested at the Casual or Competitive level.

Each person participating in or attending a Disney Lorcana tournament will be assigned one of six roles, they are:

  • Tournament Organizer
  • Head Judge
  • Floor Judge
  • Scorekeeper
  • Player
  • Spectator (any person at a tournament without another role)

Every role besides “player” or “spectator” is recognized as a “tournament official.” Those roles are barred from actually participating in any official tournament, as are people “currently banned from playing in Disney Lorcana events,” which indicates the existence of a global banned list.

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The document further explains the individual responsibilities of each role while also highlighting the intricacies of each tournament type. Perhaps the most useful piece of gameplay-related news in the document is the inclusion of a bullet point on extra point effects, explaining “each turn taken after the turn during which time was called will count towards the five-game total, regardless of whose turn it is. Normally, this means that the active player when time was called will get two turns and the non-active player will get three turns.”

Players partaking in tournaments will also be prohibited from taking notes of any kind during gameplay in addition to being responsible for remembering the abilities of both themselves and their opponent.

Other useful tidbits of information in the document include references to the “Disney Lorcana TCG Correction Guidelines” and the “Disney Lorcana Comprehensive Rules.” The “Disney Lorcana TCG Correction Guidelines,” which this document implies will eventually be publicly released, may be Lorcana’s version of Magic: The Gathering’s Infraction Procedure Guide. The IFM essentially describes how to fix various issues that may arise during a tournament or gameplay. This is also the first time that a “comprehensive” set of Disney Lorcana rules has been referenced by Ravensburger.

Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana packs

Disney Lorcana is a new Disney-focused trading card game created by Ravensburger. The company describes the game as an experience in which players can “wield magic inks and the power of Lorcana to assemble [their] team of Disney characters” on the official Disney Lorcana website, warning that “some characters will be familiar friends” while “others will be fantastically reimagined.”

The game released at specialty stores and Disneyland Paris on August 18 and debuted at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resorts 10 days later, proving to be a difficult-to-acquire product at most locations. The game had its wide release on September 1, becoming available at general retailers and on shopDisney, where it’s still consistently sold out or in short supply.

The second set of Disney Lorcana will release at specialty stores on November 17 and widely on December 1.

Do you plan on participating in any Disney Lorcana tournaments? Let us know in the comments.

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