PHOTOS: Construction Walls Removed, Revealing Refurbished Fantasy Faire in Disneyland

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PHOTOS: Construction Walls Removed, Revealing Refurbished Fantasy Faire in Disneyland

Fantasy Faire at Disneyland has been undergoing refurbishment since early August, although the Royal Theatre and Royal Hall remained open. It seems the refurbishment work is now complete.

Fantasy Faire Refurbishment

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 8041

Scaffolding, construction walls, and themed scrim covered most of the Fantasy Faire façades, but these have all come down now.

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6148
fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6149

Guests can now enjoy Fantasy Faire in all its glory. The medieval courtyard replaced Carnation Gardens Plaza during a 2013 update to Fantasyland.

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6150

It features the Royal Hall, where guests can meet Disney Princesses, and the Royal Theatre, where Disney characters re-tell their stories.

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6153
fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6151

At the center of the courtyard is a statue of Rapunzel’s tower that lights up at night.

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6155
fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6152

The façades look freshly painted and in good condition following the refurbishment. The walls of most of the buildings are shades of white and yellow with wooden planks.

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6156

The rooves are made of brightly colored shingles. A flower box is below one window.

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6161

Guests can again access Clopin’s Music Box next to the Royal Hall. Guests turn a crank on the front of the colorful music box to see Clopin dance and hear “Topsy Turvey” from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6169

The Royal Hall has bright blue shingles on the roof of the entrance.

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6166

Near the music box is this work of art advertising the Royal Hall and Royal Theatre. It depicts someone bowing in front of Princess Aurora in her pink dress, while three heralds play horns.

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6159

Characters sometimes appear on this small balcony and staircase.

fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6162
fantasy faire 2023 refurb 6158

At the back of Fantasy Faire, near the portal to the rest of Fantasyland, is the Fairy Tale Treasures gift shop.

This refurbishment was just the latest work in Fantasyland. The Red Rose Taverne façade was refurbished this summer. Peter Pan’s Flight, Alice in Wonderland, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride all closed for refurbishment. On the other side of the land, a themed fence has replaced scrim around a lagoon.

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