REVIEW: ‘The Last of Us’ House is Amazing at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Universal Studios Hollywood

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REVIEW: ‘The Last of Us’ House is Amazing at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Universal Studios Hollywood

Join Joel and Ellie as they travel through Pittsburgh in a house based on Naughtydog’s “The Last of Us” at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us

You and your squad will encounter the haunting and overgrown world of the video game in a brand-new, terrifying way. Stay silent if you want to survive a multitude of Clickers, Hunters, and more.

The house takes guests inside the post-apocalyptical world of “The Last of Us” in honor of the 10th anniversary of the 2013 video game.

After a fungal infection from a strain of the Cordyceps mushroom causes mass death and transforms Infected into monsters, survivors are mostly held in Quarantine Zones (QZs). Twenty years after the outbreak, Joel Miller is a middle-aged survivor who smuggles and kills to survive. He takes on a mission to transport a young girl, Ellie Williams, to a band of insurgents called the Fireflies. Ellie is immune to the infection and the Fireflies think they can study her to reverse engineer a vaccine.

The house takes guests through the Pittsburgh QZ (changed to Kansas City in HBO’s “The Last of Us” adaptation), a fan-favorite section of the original game when Joel and Ellie meet up with brothers Sam and Henry, and must battle their way past Raiders, Hunters, and plenty of Infected to escape.

Voice actors Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) reprised their roles for re-recorded and new dialogue in the house.


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There’s a “Last of Us” house at Halloween Horror Nights 32 in Universal Studios Florida, but this one is a vast improvement. Joel and Ellie appear in the house as live actors a lot more, including outside as you enter the building.

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We liked the Florida house fine, but this one was mind-blowing. We won’t be able to look at the Orlando one the same.

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As with the Florida house, the Bloaters are the scariest part. The Infected are otherwise just unique-looking zombies.

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“The Last of Us” house is a must-see for fans of the game or show.

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“The Last of Us” house is at the bottom of the escalators on the lower lot of Universal Studios Hollywood.

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