REVIEW: Face an 8-Foot Animatronic in Chucky Ultimate Kill Count at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Universal Studios Hollywood

Shannen Ace

REVIEW: Face an 8-Foot Animatronic in Chucky Ultimate Kill Count at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Universal Studios Hollywood

Chucky is causing chaos at Universal Studios Hollywood in the Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count house at Halloween Horror Nights 2023.

Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count

hhn2023 ush chucky 0978

Chucky, the serial killer doll, is back for a new gorefest! He’s hijacked his own haunted house with all kinds of bloody hijinks. You and your friends must try to survive his ultimate kill count.

The original voice of Chucky and the actor who portrayed Charles Lee Ray, Brad Dourif, recorded new lines for this house.

The meta story of this house is that Universal decided to build a house based on the “Chucky” series, then invited Chucky himself to see it. He hated it, summarily killing all of the designers, and made a new house — this time possessing all the Good Guy dolls they had bought.

hhn2023 ush chucky 0983

The façade is a huge stack of Good Guys dolls, which Chucky appearing on screens to talk.


hhn2023 ush chucky 0986

We thought the Florida version of this house was good, but the Hollywood version is even better. We were wondering where the promised 8-foot-tall Chucky animatronic was — it’s here in Universal Studios Hollywood, not in Universal Studios Florida. And it’s an incredible sight.

hhn2023 ush chucky 0989

Chucky has an actual kill counter, keeping track of how many deaths have taken place in the house so far. This was lacking from the Florida house and makes the title make a lot more sense.

hhn2023 ush chucky 0992

As part of the meta story, there are Scareactors portraying Universal employees.

hhn2023 ush chucky 0994

There are dozens of Chucky dolls, as well as a Tiffany doll in a scene recreating her human death.

hhn2023 ush chucky 1030
hhn2023 ush chucky 1033
hhn2023 ush chucky 1036
hhn2023 ush chucky 1041
hhn2023 ush chucky 1046

There’s also a GG doll.

hhn2023 ush chucky 1056
hhn2023 ush chucky 1053
hhn2023 ush chucky 1058
hhn2023 ush chucky 1060

Don’t skip this house; it’s funny and scary, as any Chucky story should be.

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Chucky originally debuted in the 1988 horror movie “Child’s Play.” Serial killer Charles Lee Ray was fatally shot in a toy store, but before he died, he used “voodoo magic” to transfer his soul into a Good Guys doll. The doll was gifted to a young Andy Barclay, who would come face to face with Chucky over decades of the franchise, from sequels to TV series.

This doll has a long-established legacy with Halloween Horror Nights.


Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count is near Hogwarts in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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