PHOTOS: New Star Chart-Inspired Drink Menu at Space 220

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PHOTOS: New Star Chart-Inspired Drink Menu at Space 220

Two hundred and twenty miles above its entrance at EPCOT, the Centauri Space Station is serving their drinks menu with a new celestial flair: a star chart inspired menu. Long before the technology existed for guests to navigate the heavens in the palm of their hand, planispheres, or star charts, helped people identify celestial bodies in the night sky; now, at Space 220, guests can use this star chart inspired menu to find their next out-of-this-world beverage concoction at the restaurant.

Star Chart Inspired Menu at Space 220


The new menu is printed with the Space 220 Restaurant logo, along with labelled constellations among the colorful dark blue starfield on the top wheel of the design. There is a small window cut out of the top wheel, which allows for segments of the wheel beneath it to be visible as the menu is rotated.


Each beverage on the menu is listed around the edge of the star chart inspired menu. When they line up the opening of the top wheel with the drink on the border, guests can see an image of the beverage along with a short description of the drink.


The drinks on the menu are not new, but the fresh menu presentation adds theming to the dining experience.

star chart inspired menu

The zero-proof drinks are also included on this new menu. The two beverages are indicated with a blue background along the edge of the wheel.

You can check out our review of these drinks here.

What do you think of the new star chart inspired menu at Space 220? Will you be taking the stellarvator up 220 miles above Earth’s surface to try one of these celestial sips? Let us know in the comments.

Space 220 Dining Experience



Signage just outside Mission: SPACE directs guests to the entrance of Space 220.


The hallway is a bit of a squeeze, but we get there in the end. Cast Members wait at a desk to assist guests with check-in.



Guests enter the lobby and receive boarding passes for the Stellavator ride to the Centauri Space Station.


The boarding pass is green and a nice little themed touch.


Guests are directed into a small room for their “Stellavator” trip up 220 miles to the space station.


The experience is quite fun and brings to mind the former Mission to Mars attraction at the Magic Kingdom.


At last, we’re in space above Florida!


There’s fun themed touches, like how food might be grown in space.


Panoramic views of Earth stretch out from screen windows spread across the restaurant.


Video Tour of Space 220

Watch our full tour video of Space 220 Restaurant below.

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