Tiana’s Palace Now Open at Disneyland Park, Princess Tiana Debuts New Costume

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Tiana’s Palace Now Open at Disneyland Park, Princess Tiana Debuts New Costume

The new Tiana’s Palace Restaurant has officially opened to guests in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park — and Princess Tiana was there to celebrate in a brand-new outfit.

Tiana’s Palace Entrance

Tiana's Palace Entrance

Tiana’s Palace is a re-theme of the former French Market Restaurant, which closed permanently back in February of this year.

Tiana's Palace Entrance

The entrance is now marked with “balloons” on either side of the walkway, along with feathers, ribbons, and Mardi Gras beads.

Tiana's Palace Entrance

The sign for Tiana’s Palace features the restaurant’s logo, with stylized lily pad art above and below it.

Tiana's Palace Entrance

The planters around the restaurant have also gotten an upgrade, with new tile art installed around the perimeter.

Tiana's Palace Entrance

The tile art depicts what looks to be white lilies along green interlocking vines and leaves.

Mobile Order Window

Tiana's Palace Mobile Order Window

The Mobile Order Window is just to the left of the restaurant’s entrance.

Tiana's Palace Mobile Order Window

Here, guests can grab their creole and cajun-inspired fare without having to wait in line.

Tiana's Palace Entry Doors

The doors to the restaurant have a new crest, celebrating Tiana’s love for music and cooking.

Tiana's Palace Entry Doors

The crest has a trumpet on the top left, a crown on the top right, a lily flower on the bottom right, and a spoon on the bottom left. The entire crest is in shades of blue and white, matching the exterior doors.

Tiana’s Palace Menu

Tiana's Palace Menu Display

The menu for Tiana’s Palace is to the right of the entrance walkway.

Tiana's Palace Menu Display

The menu begins with two words every person on vacation wants to hear: “Dessert First.”

Tiana's Palace Menu Display

You can check out the full menu plus prices for every item in our round-up here. Disneyland is even importing New Orleans bread for Tiana’s Palace.

Tiana's Palace Menu Display

The menu display includes a Mobile Order QR code to make the process of ordering even easier.

Tianas Palace Paper Menus 10

The artwork is inspired by the “Almost There” musical sequence from “The Princess and the Frog.”

Tianas Palace Paper Menus 9
Tianas Palace Paper Menus 2
Tianas Palace Paper Menus 14
Tianas Palace Paper Menus 12
Tianas Palace Paper Menus 15
Tianas Palace Paper Menus 13
Tianas Palace Paper Menus 7

An allergy-friendly menu is also available.

Tianas Palace Paper Menus 6

Cast Member Costumes

Tianas Palace Cast Member Costumes 2

New Cast Member costumes are also now unveiled, with a floral shirt design, dark trousers, and an apron featuring the restaurant logo.

Seating Area

Tiana's Palace Seating

Seating for Tiana’s Palace is outdoors, under a green and yellow canopy. A sign with a lily flower marks the entrance.

Tianas Palace Disneyland Opening Day 51
Tiana's Palace Seating

The perimeter is lined with popcorn lights, giving the area a festive atmosphere.

Tiana's Palace Seating
Tiana's Palace Seating
Tiana's Palace Seating

The tables and chairs have been updated, with the main part of the furniture now white instead of dark green.

Tiana's Palace Seating

The tables themselves also got an update, and now have a marbled white and gold pattern on the tabletop.

Tiana's Palace Seating

More seating is available by the Mobile Order window, though significantly less than the main dining area.

Tiana's Palace Seating


Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 47

Inside is where guests will pick up their food from the various stations situated around the room.

Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 16

A large, deep blue glass ceiling hands overhead, lined with popcorn lights.

Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 42
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 17
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 51

Tiles on the floor look like small stars, calling back to Ray’s sweetheart, Evangeline.

Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 19
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 48

There are small references to Tiana and “The Princess and the Frog” throughout the interior, such as these lamps spread throughout the room.

Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 50

The lamps are molded to look like lilies, with their petals nearly translucent as light comes through.

Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 28

Along the back wall, there are many small items to further tie in the restaurant’s theme.

Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 30
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 33
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 29
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 56

Among the props inside is this drum for the Firefly Five plus Lou, a reference to the band from the movie, which is in turn a reference to the Firehouse Five Plus Two, a 1950s jazz band led by Disney animation legend Ward Kimball (of the “Nine Old Men”) and other animators at the studio.

Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 58
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 32
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 53
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 35

The Louisiana bayou, as depicted in the film, is once again brought to life in this artistic display.

Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 37
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 41
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 45
Tianas Palace Interior Disneyland 46


Jambalaya Jazz Band at Tiana's Palace

While we were waiting for the restaurant to open, the Jambalaya Jazz Band was around to play some tunes.

Princess Tiana’s New Costume

Tianas Palace Grand Opening Tianas New Costume
Princess Tiana's New Costume for Tiana's Palace Opening

Princess Tiana even paid a visit to her new establishment, dressed in a brand-new costume for the occasion.

Princess Tiana's New Costume for Tiana's Palace Opening

This new costume takes inspiration from flapper fashion, but with a “Princess and the Frog” twist, thanks to the lilypad-esque trim and lily flower at the center of the neckline.

Princess Tiana's New Costume for Tiana's Palace Opening

Tiana also wears a matching gold headband, with her hair short, a gold bracelet, and gold shoes.

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