PHOTOS: All Scaffolding Removed from Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland As Opening Window Nears

Kyle Silagyi

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PHOTOS: All Scaffolding Removed from Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland As Opening Window Nears

Kyle Silagyi

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PHOTOS: All Scaffolding Removed from Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland As Opening Window Nears

All scaffolding surrounding the Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland Park has been removed as the walkthrough attraction inches toward its impending opening. Though a specific opening date for the “Swiss Family Robinson”-inspired experience has not yet been revealed, we are currently in the midst of its previously announced fall 2023 opening window.

Adventureland Treehouse Scaffolding Removed

Adventureland Treehouse Disneyland Scaffolding Down 1

There’s no scaffolding standing near the treehouse as of October 16, indicating that the vast majority, if not all, of the construction work is complete and that the attraction will soon be ready for its reopening. The updated Adventureland Treehouse will replace Tarzan’s Treehouse, which unexpectedly ceased operations in September 2021. A return to its roots was announced in November 2022, as Disney revealed that a “Swiss Family Robinson”-inspired retheming would soon be coming to the attraction; the attraction originally opened as the Swiss Family Treehouse in 1962 before closing to adopt “Tarzan” theming in 1999.

The new attraction is merely inspired by the 1960 Walt Disney-produced film and will feature an original family. Disney announced that the updated experience will “[pay] tribute to the original treehouse that Walt Disney and his Imagineers built” in a 2022 Disney Parks Blog post.

Adventureland Treehouse Disneyland Scaffolding Down 2

There do not appear to be any changes to the treehouse itself since our last construction update on September 25. Some aesthetic work has perhaps been done to the area in front of the treehouse, as protective plastic with painter’s tape has been applied to the top of the posts in front of the treehouse. Decorative hangers are attached to each post, but the wooden fence prevents us from seeing what, exactly, is displayed from each stake.

The saqiyah water feature in the front of the attraction was being tested in early October, another indication that preparations for its ultimate opening are underway. The saqiyah was installed in mid-September.

Adventureland Treehouse Disneyland Scaffolding Down 4

The Adventureland Treehouse will invite guests to explore the rooms of each of the five members that make up the family created for the attraction. The family has constructed the treehouse out of natural elements and pieces of their wrecked ship, and this is reflected in the theming and detailing on the exterior of the attraction. Bamboo is seen in several locations around the treehouse, and the bow of a ship hangs from the front of the treehouse’s central building.

Adventureland Treehouse Disneyland Scaffolding Down 3

Adventureland Treehouse Story

Adventureland Treehouse concept art

The original Swiss Family Treehouse opened in the Adventureland section of Disneyland on November 18, 1962, and was an opening day attraction at both Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Paris in 1971 and 1992, respectively. A version of the walkthrough experience opened in Tokyo Disneyland in 1993.

The Disneyland version of the attraction closed in 1999 and later re-opened as Tarzan’s Treehouse. The latter rendition closed in 2021 and a re-theming was announced in April 2022; though “Encanto” and the Society of Explorers and Adventurers were rumored inspirations for the imminent retheme, its “Swiss Family Robinson”-inspired update was formally announced in late 2022.

The attraction may ultimately include some S.E.A. nods, as banners for the fictional organization were present in the concept art. No S.E.A. theming is visible on the Adventureland Treehouse attraction at this time.

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