Disney100 ‘Once Upon a Studio’ Short Now Playing in Disneyland Park


Disney100 ‘Once Upon a Studio’ Short Now Playing in Disneyland Park

During our recent trip to Disneyland Resort, we saw that the Disney100 animated short, “Once Upon a Studio” is playing for guests inside the Opera House on Main Street, U.S.A.

‘Once Upon a Studio’ Now Playing at Disneyland

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A sign outside the Opera House shows a poster for the new animated short, with various Disney characters popping out of picture frames. The text at the top says “100 years of Disney Magic comes together,” and the bottom of the poster reads, “Now showing at the Opera House Lobby Main Street, U.S.A.”

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Inside the lobby of the Opera House, guests can gather around the TV and watch some of their favorite animated characters in the Disney100 short, as it runs continuously throughout the day.

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“Once Upon a Studio” is an all-new animated short from Walt Disney Animation Studios released on streaming services Disney+ and Hulu on Oct. 16 in celebration of the 100-year anniversary as a company.

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The short features 543 Disney animated characters from more than 85 feature-length and short films.

The short follows Mickey Mouse as he assembles an assortment of beloved Disney characters consisting of both heroes and villains of the past 100 years to come together for a group photo to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary.

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The animated short film is written and directed by Dan Abraham and Trent Correy and is produced by Yvett Merina and Bradford Simonsen. The short had more than 40 original voice actors return to record lines for the project.

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Have you seen the new Disney100 short film yet? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments.

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