City of Anaheim Releases Concept Art Showcasing Potential New Parking Structure As Part of DisneylandForward

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City of Anaheim Releases Concept Art Showcasing Potential New Parking Structure As Part of DisneylandForward

The “FactSheet” dispersed to attendees at October 9’s DisneylandForward-centric meeting at Anaheim City Hall contains a concept for a contemporary parking structure that could potentially be built near Disneyland Resort should the DisneylandForward effort progress. The eight-page document has also been uploaded to the City of Anaheim’s website and is available to view in its entirety here.

Concept Art for Disneyland Parking Structure Revealed

Disneyland Forward Parking Structure Concept

The multi-story parking structure, per the label, would be located “east of Harbor Boulevard,” a corridor that’s adjacent to Disneyland Resort. The parking structure could only be built should DisneylandForward rezoning efforts be successful; a “parking zoning overlay for the development of parking” in an “area east of Harbor Boulevard along Manchester Avenue” is listed in the document as a “proposed change.”

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A (rather small) map is included on the second page of the document. A yellow shape labeled “possible new parking” is seen to the right of Harbor Boulevard and is connected to Disney Way.

The new parking overlay zone would coincide with new theme park district zoning, should DisneylandForward efforts prove successful. The document also lists the expansion of theme park district zoning from the current Disneyland and Disney California Adventure zone “to the west side of Disneyland Drive from Magic Way to Katella Avenue” as a proposed change.

The document states that “updated zoning could allow for new lands and attractions like those seen at Disney parks around the world” to be added to Disneyland Resort.


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DisneylandForward, first introduced in 2021, is Disney’s effort to work with the City of Anaheim to grow the Disneyland Resort post-COVID-19-pandemic. Disney is asking the city to approve plans to add a mix of theme park, hotel, retail, dining, and entertainment on the eastern and western edges of the existing Disneyland Resort.

The plans are designed to get zoning approvals for multiple potential uses. While potential additions such as a third gate or Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover-like “Ride Crossing” structure have been theorized/teased, no plans are concrete at this time. All concepts remain just that — concepts — until rezoning efforts are successful, and even in the event that the effort succeeds, what is ultimately built within the new zones may not reflect what’s been introduced in early concept art/documents.

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