Fast & Furious Roller Coaster Details Revealed as Universal Studios Hollywood Addresses Community Concerns

Shannen Ace

Fast & Furious Roller Coaster Details Revealed as Universal Studios Hollywood Addresses Community Concerns

Shannen Ace

Fast & Furious Roller Coaster Details Revealed as Universal Studios Hollywood Addresses Community Concerns

Details about the new “Fast & Furious” roller coaster coming to Universal Studios Hollywood have been revealed on the Universal & You website. In April, Universal tested roller coaster sounds in response to concerns from neighboring communities about sound levels. The new document addresses these concerns. Universal also shared conceptual renderings of the coaster’s visibility from areas around the theme park.

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The document on Universal & You includes an overhead view of Universal Studios Hollywood with the exact location of the coaster marked with a blue star. The entrance will be at the former site of Animal Actors, with the coaster traveling up and down the hill between the two lots.

The “Rollercoaster Snapshot” says the “ride benefits from Universal Destinations & Experiences decades-long expertise in revolutionizing the development of coasters.”

The document confirms that the coaster will have two trains that hold 16 people each, with ride vehicles that have 360-degree rotation.

fast and furious hollywood drift concept art 3

Concept art for the “Fast & Furious” coaster leaked last year and was shared by The rumored name of the coaster at that time was Fast & Furious Hollywood Drift. A name has not yet been announced.

fast and furious coaster ush concept rendering 2

The new concept renderings only show a curve of the coaster at a distance. In the renderings, the track is surrounded by half-pipe shields, also addressed in the Universal & You document.

Here is the full text of the document:


Four Layer of Mitigations
Designed based on extensive testing and in consultation with premiere national acoustical firms.

Operate in Compliance
Meet or remain below the property’s sound ordinance, which is more stringent than the City and County codes.

Provide construction and testing schedule throughout the project.

Sound Monitoring
Ongoing sound monitoring by the company, with increased frequency and locations during the testing phase of the coaster.

Entire track filled with pea gravel to minimize vehicle sound.

Longer than two football fields, a sound wall will be built, comprised of Acoustiblok material (state of the art sound absorbing product) to help reduce sound from the attraction from traveling into the community.

fast and furious coaster ush concept rendering 1

Two half pipe shields will encase the sound at the source. Based on testing, these shields lowered sound by approximately ~15dBA.

The ride vehicle allows for 360-degree rotation providing the ability to turn and program vehicles away from the community at key scream moments.

fast furious coaster details 2023 10 17 at 10.50.57 AM

Rollercoaster Overview
High Speed – Fast & Furious Themed – Terrain Coaster – 2 Trains Moving On The Track With 16 People Each

Attraction Hours are planned to be consistent with Park Hours, including peak season and special events as long as coaster operations are in compliance with property’s sound ordinance.

Lighting will meet the Evolution Plan requirements, no pulsing or strobing lights.

Located in the middle of the theme park; the entrance to the ride is on the upper deck across from the Universal Plaza. East side straddles the Starway over to Jurassic World on the west side.

Construction is limited to 7AM-7PM Monday-Friday and 8AM-6PM on Saturdays and we have ongoing sound monitoring.* *Exceptions will be authorized for safety

The project meets the requirements of the Evolution Plan, a 25-year master plan for the property approved by City and County in 2013. The coaster is replacing two attractions, and the park will be able to operate within its current capacity controls. Additional Evolution Plan traffic mitigations are not required as a result of building this attraction.

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