Hello Kitty Chucky Collection Expands With NEW Mug Available at Universal Orlando Resort

Kyle Silagyi

Hello Kitty Chucky Collection Expands With NEW Mug Available at Universal Orlando Resort

Slash your morning weariness with this new slightly cute, slightly terrifying Hello Kitty Chucky mug that recently arrived at Universal Orlando Resort. The mug is part of a larger crossover collection that has rolled out at the resort in waves throughout the last several months; we found this mug at the Halloween Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida.

Hello Kitty Chucky Mug – $25.00

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The mug is shaped like the head of the cartoon cat. Her usual simplistic facial features (a white base with circular black eyes) have been replaced with those of Chucky, as the beige mug and sky-blue ovular eyes match the colorway of Chucky’s face.

hello kitty chucky mug universal 2

Chucky’s signature eye scar appears around one of Kitty White’s eyes. Red scars with stitched detailing intermittently adorn the rest of the mug. The feline’s typical dark whiskers appear in red on this cup, while a torn-up, re-patched red bow is attached above her left ear. The handle is attached to the bow-less side of the head and matches the rest of the mug in color.

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“Hello Kitty Chucky” is printed on the back of the mug in the same font as the typical “Chucky” logo. The type is outlined in white and appears beneath another scar detail. “She wants YOU for a best friend” is printed below the crossover logo in blue.

Hello Kitty Chucky Collection

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The Hello Kitty Chucky collection debuted at the Hello Kitty Store in Universal Studios Florida in early August. It initially contained a Spirit Jersey, ringer tee, and pin featuring the same crossover logo, tagline, and Chucky-inspired depiction of Kitty White seen on the mug. The line expanded later that month to include a purse, bucket hat, and wallet and grew again in early October to include a plush and pillow.

If the Hello Kitty Chucky collection isn’t fulfilling your killer doll needs, you’re in luck, as the Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count haunted house is currently being offered as part of Halloween Horror Nights 32 at Universal Studios Florida. In Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count, the serial killer doll has “hijacked his own haunted house with all kinds of bloody hijinks.” Read our full review of the meta offering here.

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Will you be picking up the new Hello Kitty Chucky mug now available at Universal Studios Florida? Have you had the opportunity to check out the Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 32? Let us know in the comments.

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