New Disney Villains Mechanical Mischief, Nightmare Before Christmas Pins Debut at Disneyland Resort


New Disney Villains Mechanical Mischief, Nightmare Before Christmas Pins Debut at Disneyland Resort

On our recent trip to Disneyland Resort, we found the new Mechanical Mischief pin collection featuring the Disney Villains, as well as pins for Haunted Mansion Holiday, Stitch, and more.

We found all of these pins at Pin Traders in the Downtown Disney District.

Limited Edition Haunted Mansion Holiday 2023 Gingerbread House Pin – $19.99

IMG 6558

This pin depicts this year’s gingerbread house display for Haunted Mansion Holiday. Inside the mausoleum is the ghostly apparition Von Ginger, displaying a creepy grin as he eagerly holds out a plate of fruit cake. Zero, Jack Skellington’s ghost dog, floats out in front.

Limited Edition Disney Arcade Lilo & Stitch Pin – $19.99

IMG 6559

This pin is designed to be a black and red arcade-style game system with Stitch cheerfully running from Dr. Jumba Jookiba. The game cabinet features a large red joystick and coin slot that says, “Insert coin to play.”

Limited Edition Metal Magic Sleeping Beauty Pin – $19.99

IMG 6560

The latest pin in the Metal Magic series depicts a gold silhouette of the scene from “Sleeping Beauty” where Aurora dances with her animal friends in the woods.

Limited Release Mechanical Mischief Maleficent Pin – $19.99

Mechanical Mischief Pins Disneyland

The Mistress of All Evil from 1959’s “Sleeping Beauty” is depicted surrounded by a silver metallic frame with gears. She has green skin, a black robe, and horns.

Limited Release Mechanical Mischief Captain Hook Pin – $19.99

Mechanical Mischief Pins Disneyland

The dastardly pirate from 1953’s “Peter Pan” finds himself surrounded by a copper-colored oval metallic frame with gears, springs, and a clock. Captain Hook is wearing a steampunk version of his iconic red jacket and hat that is combined with metal belts, chains, and elbow pads.

Limited Release Mechanical Mischief Ursula Pin – $19.99

Mechanical Mischief Pins Disneyland

The half-squid sea witch from 1989’s “The Little Mermaid” finds herself depicted in a silver square frame. Ursula wears a metallic version of her shell necklace that she used to capture Ariel’s voice.

Limited Release Mechanical Mischief Jafar Pin – $19.99

Mechanical Mischief Pins Disneyland

The Grand Vizier of Agrabah from 1992’s “Aladdin” is depicted in a bronze overlay holding his snake staff. He’s surrounded by a metallic frame comprised of chains, springs, and bolts lining his clothing.

Limited Release Mechanical Mischief Yzma Pin – $19.99

Mechanical Mischief Pins Disneyland

Kuzco’s former advisor from 2000’s “The Emperor’s New Groove” is depicted in a silver square frame with gears and clocks surrounding her. Yzma is shown in her purple and black dress with a metallic steampunk overlay to it.

Limited Release Mechanical Mischief Dr. Facilier Pin – $19.99

Mechanical Mischief Pins Disneyland

Dr. Facilier, the main antagonist in 2009’s “The Princess And The Frog,” is in a circular gold frame surrounded by gears and bolts. Facilier is wearing a steampunk version of his iconic outfit with the addition of gold belts, shoulder guards, and steampunk glasses alongside a black and purple jacket and shirt combo.

Limited Release Mechanical Mischief Festival of Fantasy Maleficent – $39.99

Mechanical Mischief Pins Disneyland

Next, we have a Walt Disney World-inspired Disney Villain pin with a steampunk version of Maleficent in her dragon form from the Festival of Fantasy Parade. The metallic dragon breathes fire in front of Cinderella Castle, which is set in front of a silver gear.

Limited Release Mechanical Mischief Mystery Pin Set – $29.99

Mechanical Mischief Pins Disneyland

This mystery pin set includes 10 pins: Percy the Pug (“Pocahontas”); Fidget (“The Great Mouse Detective”); Pain and Panic (“Hercules”); Lucifer (“Cinderella”); Sir Hiss (“Robin Hood”); Diablo (“Sleeping Beauty”); Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed (“The Lion King”); Tick-Tock the Crocodile (“Peter Pan”); Flotsam and Jetsam (“The Little Mermaid”); and Iago (“Aladdin”).

Mechanical Mischief Pins Disneyland

Will you be picking up any of these pins on your next trip to Disneyland Resort? What do you think of the Mechanical Mischief collection? Let us know in the comments.

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