PHOTOS: Take a Tour of the NEW Bowes Signature Candles Shop at Disney Springs

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PHOTOS: Take a Tour of the NEW Bowes Signature Candles Shop at Disney Springs

Fall is in the air at Walt Disney World Resort, and scents of pumpkin, baked apples, cinnamon, and crisp autumn leaves can be, too, if you stop into the new Bowes Signature Candles Shop at Disney Springs. We took a peek inside the store today, October 22, 2023, to see what the new shop had to offer guests wanting to take home some signature new home fragrances inspired by the season or your favorite Walt Disney World resorts and attractions.

Bowes Signature Candles Opens at Disney Springs

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When we stopped by Bowes Signature Candles, the shop had soft-opened this morning. It is listed on the Bowes Signature Candles website in their two current locations in the Marketplace Co-Op and Disney’s Days of Christmas, with no mention of the new location, which has been under construction in this new location since mid-September.

Construction walls are down, and the Bowes Signature Candles shop has soft opened to guests in Disney Springs.


Inside the shop, various candles, diffusers, wax melts, and more are displayed on the walls and on minimalist light-colored sawhorse display tables.


A wide selection of candles featuring scents from Walt Disney World resorts, as well as other fragrances, are available.


Some of the shelves, especially up high, are filled with ambiance-setting items like potted cactuses and wooden lantern frames. These display objects are not for sale.


Along the walls, different collections of fragrances are organized by scent; candles, wax melts, room sprays, aromatherapy oils, and more are grouped by fragrance.


The resort signature scent, used in several resorts across Walt Disney World property, is featured in the center of the room on one of the tables.


Part of the room is devoted to the checkout counter, as well as a long counter with spaces for guests to sit for activities and events at Bowes Signature Candles.


The individual stations appear to be set up for guests to pour their own candles. The square glasses on the left side of each station have a wick anchored in the center of the jar.


Each station is equipped with a measuring cup and one of the empty candle jars, ready to be filled.


We saw a Bowes Signature Candles employee sorting wax and setting up for a future event. Wax melts like the ones next to her storage basket are used in candlemaking.


More scented wares were available on a small stand next to the register.


This aromatherapy diffuser was running while we shopped, filling the air with the Clover World scent.


This fragrance is reminiscent of the one used in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, according to a planDisney panelist. According to the Bowes Signature Candles website, the Clover World fragrance has “notes of floral combination, citrus, and musk [to] give your home that 5-star hotel smell.”


Will you be visiting the new Bowes Signature Candles location at Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments.

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