WATCH PARKSCENTER — Big Changes at Disney: Park Hopping Unlocked, but Theme Park Prices Soar!

Rob Whiteside

WATCH PARKSCENTER — Big Changes at Disney: Park Hopping Unlocked, but Theme Park Prices Soar!

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The big news of the week: Park hopping returns and prices Increase!

Price increases at Disney Parks are nothing new, but for a product already viewed as an overpriced experience, this doesn’t help. Often, Disney will brace us for bad news, by sharing good news. Park hopping is returning on January 9th to the original policy without the 2 p.m. requirement. What does this mean and is it enough to offset the price increases on food, annual passes, and Genie+?

We’ll also look at the recent updates for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opening in 2024. New images have been released of the mural that will be in the queue, as well as a few other small updates.

Meanwhile, over at Galaxy’s Edge, they have been testing with some new wandering Droids last week. Could this be a one-time test, or are we finally going to expand the character offerings in the land?

There will also be updates on EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and we’ll be taking a longing look at the new World of Frozen in Hong Kong as it inches closer to its opening date next month.

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