Christmas Tree Not Ready for First 2023 Very Merrytime Cruise on Disney Wish, Showcasing Ongoing Disney Cruise Line Issue

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Christmas Tree Not Ready for First 2023 Very Merrytime Cruise on Disney Wish, Showcasing Ongoing Disney Cruise Line Issue

Disney Cruise Line, and particularly the Disney Wish, has an ongoing issue with not being ready for their own special events. The Disney Wish itself was delayed and then “Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” was not ready for its maiden voyage. Finishing details were still being added to the ship months after its maiden voyage.

This summer, Disney Cruise Line celebrated its 25th anniversary with the Silver Anniversary at Sea celebration. But decorations weren’t ready on the Disney Wish, still being added while the first Silver Anniversary at Sea sailing was ongoing.

Such a delay happened again, this time with the first 2023 Very Merrytime Cruise on the Disney Wish. Unfortunately, the ship’s very merry Christmas tree was not ready when guests boarded. It was completed in time for the tree lighting ceremony that evening — before being taken down and reconstructed the next day.

Disney Wish Christmas Tree Construction

disney wish christmas tree construction185128567

The Wish’s first Very Merrytime Cruise of the season began on Monday, November 6. There was one sailing between the last Halloween on the High Seas cruise and this Very Merrytime Cruise, during which Halloween decorations were taken down.

disney wish christmas tree construction185144899

Christmas decorations are supposed to be readied during that in-between sailing. Usually, guests get to enter the atrium as their name is announced, with the ship’s beauty unfolding around them.

disney wish christmas tree construction185214433

Instead, guests were greeted with construction and sent to the side because most of the Grand Hall was roped off when they entered on the first day of their Very Merrytime sailing.

disney wish christmas tree construction185248362

Crew members were on ladders constructing the Christmas tree from the top down.

disney wish christmas tree construction185253778

Christmas Tree Completed?

disney wish christmas tree 045352255.MP

The tree was constructed and ready by that evening for Mickey and Minnie’s Merrytime Tree Lighting, a new show that happens in the atrium of each ship on the first night of Very Merrytime Cruises.

disney wish christmas tree 045412949.MP

However, this version of the Christmas tree was still not right. The Grand Hall was roped off and full of work ladders the next day as the tree was fully disassembled and put back together again.

Christmas Tree Completed Again

disney wish christmas tree 073454757

The Very Merrytime Cruise finally had a completed Christmas tree by the second night (it was a 4-day sailing). The second version of the tree had brighter lights.

disney wish christmas tree 074249449 1

It seems Disney Cruise Line should build in a second sailing between Halloween on the High Seas and Very Merrytime Cruises if they can’t finish “Making Christmas” during one.

disney wish christmas tree 074313336

Light-up garlands were also wrapped around the railings and balconies overlooking the Grand Hall.

disney wish christmas tree 074330938
disney wish christmas tree 074357674

Very Merrytime Cruises can be enjoyed on all five Disney Cruise Line ships. The next ship, Disney Treasure, will have its maiden voyage over Christmas 2024 — that is, if Disney manages to break its streak of delays.

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