VIDEO: Disney Animated by Funko Games Gameplay and Full Review

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VIDEO: Disney Animated by Funko Games Gameplay and Full Review

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Have you ever wanted to create your own Disney movie? Well, with Disney Animated by Funko Games and Prospero Hall, your dream job awaits at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Disney Animated Strategy Game

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This two-to-four-player cooperative board game lets you work together to finish classic Disney animated movies you know and love. It features “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Fantasia,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “One Hundred and One Dalmatians,” and “Aladdin.” Start your job at Walt Disney Animation Studios and work together to finish your movies before the deadline. Build your background, paint your animation cells, and set up your scene. Watch out, the villains of your movies will try to get in your way and advance your deadline, so just like developing a real animated movie, collaboration is key.

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The game is recommended for ages 10+ and takes about 20 minutes per player. Click here to watch our full 2-hour and 42-minute gameplay video. Or watch a shortened version of gameplay in the video below, which also includes our full review of Disney Animated.

This game makes for a great holiday gift or addition to family game night. Click here to purchase.


Disney Animated Review 2023 15

Disney Animated is as fun to look at as it is to play. Its design — from its packaging to its boards to its game pieces and tokens — is beautiful, evoking memories of some of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ most popular and influential films. We think you’d be hard-pressed to find a Disney fan not impressed with this game from an aesthetic level.

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The central board resembles an animator’s desk, with each of the individual player cards depicting art from a classic Walt Disney Animation Studios film. The art is as breathtaking as it is nostalgic, with each card also containing a detailed side illustration featuring its respective film’s villain.

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Between the player boards, film-themed tokens, and character cels you place over your card, we simply cannot get past the design of this game. It’s perhaps the most visually engaging Disney board game we’ve ever played.

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Disney Animated Review 2023 3

Though we were locked in from the jump thanks to the visuals, Disney Animation did hook us with its gameplay once we ultimately started playing. Its story is cohesive and relatively easy to follow: you’re attempting to finish your movie by filling in your scene’s background, adding characters, and collecting paint while the group is intermittently attacked by classic Disney villains.

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The villains come in the form of “Calamity” cards, which manifest at the end of each round if not removed by the group. The concept seems rather straightforward, and while it mostly is, there are a few wording issues on some of the gameplay cards, leading to the occasional nuance issue.

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Disney Animated

Rule ambiguity can lead to the creation and implementation of a set of your own “house rules,” which may sound like either a positive or negative to you. If you like the idea of figuring out a game with your party as you go, you may not mind the rule ambiguity. If you prefer to play but a concrete ruleset, the gameplay of Disney Animated may leave a bit to be desired.

Disney Animated Review 2023 11

We also had a slight issue with the pacing, as given the strategy involved, the game can slow down from time to time. It’s not a huge issue, however, and we still enjoyed ourselves while playing. The overall story is coherent and is aided by the game’s mechanics and the design of its pieces; we wanted to start another game as soon as our first playthrough concluded.

Though likely not a game that’s easily accessible to players new to the world of board games, Disney Animated is something that all Disney fans will likely be able to appreciate on some level. The design is simply beautiful and the game itself is fun (and there’s also a ton of replayability given the different boards and potential strategies a player can deploy during gameplay). We would recommend this game to any Disney fan looking for a game to take to a family or friends gathering this holiday season.

Will you be checking out Disney Animated? Let us know in the comments.

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