Disney Shares More Videos of Figment at Walt Disney Studios and Imagineering Headquarters

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Disney Shares More Videos of Figment at Walt Disney Studios and Imagineering Headquarters

After initially posting about Figment arriving at Walt Disney Studios, Disney shared more videos of the fan-favorite dragon exploring the studios and entering the Walt Disney Imagineering building.

Figment meet and greet at EPCOT

Figment Arrives at Walt Disney Studios

The first video, embedded below, sees the Figment meet and greet character outside Walt Disney Studios peeking around columns.


Wait, is that our imagination? Or is Figment really at Walt Disney Studios? 🤨 #Disney #DisneyParks #Figment #DisneyStudios #Imagination #Disney100

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Figment Meets a Superfan

In the second video, Figment runs into superfan Raquel, who is dressed in a Figment T-shirt and ear headband, and carrying a Figment popcorn bucket.


*Drops Popcorn* OMG, “did I seriously just meet Figment”? 🍿🌈 #Disney #DisneyParks #Figment #DisneyStudios #Imagination #Disney100

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Figment’s Bag of Supplies

In the third video, Figment arrives at a security desk and unpacks his bag, showing off rainbow sour candy, bubbles, a hula hoop, and paintbrushes.


Not your average everyday office supplies… but at least Figment’s lunch looks good 🍬 🍭#Disney #DisneyParks #Figment #DisneyStudios #Imagination #Disney100

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Five Senses With Figment

Next, Figment explored the five senses by visiting different areas of the studio. For example, he experienced smell at the cafeteria. And he demonstrated touch by putting his hand over Imagineer Tony Baxter’s handprint on his Disney Legend plaque. Baxter co-created Figment for the original Journey Into Imagination attraction at EPCOT.


The five senses of imagination with figment: Walt Disney Studios edition 🎸🎥🌶️✋🍿#Disney #DisneyParks #Figment #DisneyStudios #Imagination #Disney100

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Figment Visits Walt Disney Imagineering

The last video is what has people talking the most. It begins with Figment holding a notepad labeled “Figment’s Book of [Ideas]” (the last word represented by a lightbulb). He visits various Cast Members and employees, taking pictures and sharing hugs, before he enters the Walt Disney Imagineering building.


Figment’s journey to Walt Disney Studios to meet cast members and gather new sparks of imagination, was a success. We can’t wait for you to see all the things he dreams up next 🌈✨#Disney #DisneyParks #Figment #DisneyStudios #Imagination #Disney100

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The video has many speculating that Disney is teasing an update to Journey Into Imagination With Figment. We initially speculated the first video was teasing the upcoming Figment film produced by Seth Rogen’s Point Grey Pictures. The videos are posted by Disney Parks social media, rather than Disney Studios. On Instagram, the first two of the videos are “collaborations” with the Disney D23 account and the fifth is shared with the main @Disney account. Disney wrote in a caption, “We can’t wait to see what figment dreams up next.”

Figment Visits Walt Disney Imagineering Part 2

D23 shared a separate video of Figment visiting Walt Disney Studios and ABC before arriving at Walt Disney Imagineering. In this video, he also touches Marty Sklar’s Disney Legend plaque. Sklar was another co-creator of the dragon.


We couldn’t imagine a better day than showing Figment around Walt Disney Studios 🌈

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Amid the new videos, D23 also shared the following video featuring various clips of Figment’s meet and greet debut at Destination D23. The caption reads “No thoughts, only Figment”.

The Dreamfinder and Figment on the Dream Machine
Source: D23

The original Journey Into Imagination attraction opened in EPCOT on March 5, 1983, a few months after the rest of the park. It featured Figment and the Dreamfinder, two original characters who taught guests about the power of imagination and became pseudo-mascots for EPCOT.

The popular attraction closed for an update in 1998 and reopened the next year as Journey Into Your Imagination. This version of the ride didn’t include Dreamfinder, and Figment only appeared briefly and wasn’t a featured player. Journey Into Your Imagination was universally hated and only lasted a few years, closing in 2001.

Journey Into Imagination with Figment opened in 2002. The updated ride was similar to Journey Into Your Imagination but with Figment as a main character alongside Dr. Nigel Channing.

Though the third iteration of the ride has now been around the longest, guests still call for a return to the original Journey Into Imagination — widely considered one of the best Disney Parks rides in history — or at least an update to the ride that would bring back the Dreamfinder and the spirit of the original attraction.

Disney has not officially announced any further news about the Figment film or about a potential ride update. What do you think the Figment videos mean? Let us know in the comments.

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