‘DO YOU WANT TO SEE MY BRA?’ Irate Guest Waves Bra Around at Disney World, Strikes Security Cast Member

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‘DO YOU WANT TO SEE MY BRA?’ Irate Guest Waves Bra Around at Disney World, Strikes Security Cast Member

Annoyed about being stopped at Disney’s Hollywood Studios bag check, one tourist pulled out her lingerie from her bag and waved it around, loudly asking a security guard, “Do you want to see my bra?”

(The security guard didn’t.)

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Sabrina Nagel, 42, of Georgia, put on the spectacle in September because she was angry Disney security slowed her down at the theme park, according to a newly released incident report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement got involved because Nagel and one of the guards made accusations against each other.

The situation began around 10:30 a.m. when the sheriff’s office got notified about “an irate park guest” who had struck one of the security guards when she was upset about being slowed down through the bag check with her stroller, the report said. She had set off the walkthrough security sensor, which required guards to look more closely at her belongings.

“Sabrina stated that at no point she touched the security guard and was being falsely accused,” the sheriff’s report said.

Deputy Jose De Leon also spoke with the security guard, who said, “Sabrina (Nagel) and her family arrived at the security area, she was visibly upset about following instructions and giving security a lot of attitude,” the report said.

When security looked through her belongings, Nagel pulled out her underwear from one of her bags and asked the guard if he wanted to see her bra. The guard said, “no one wanted to see her things,” the report said.

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After the bag check, the guard said Nagel was “about to take the plastic bin from the security table and he grabbed it and told her that she was not allowed to remove the bin from the security area,” the report said.

As Sabrina exited the security area with her bags, the guard said she struck him on his left arm. He notified the security manager who then talked to Nagel.

The report said the security manager in charge led Nagel to a secured room, and she complained he was “wasting” her time at the park.

To the security manager, Nagel denied striking the guard and instead said she was the one who needed to file a police report. She accused the guard of pulling a plastic bin from her hands during the bag check.

The report is partially redacted and said it was taken for “informational purposes only.” According to online Orange Circuit Court records, no criminal charges have been filed against the guard or Nagel.

Disney World security guards have a tough job. They can face harassment from guests for enforcing the rules and are the front line to intervene when guests are out of control. Disney guests have spat on them, thrown chairs at them, and even tackled them while on drugs, according to sheriff’s reports over the years.

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