New 2024 Pins, Ear Headband, and Ball Caps Available Now at Walt Disney World

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New 2024 Pins, Ear Headband, and Ball Caps Available Now at Walt Disney World

Guests can commemorate the new year with 2024 pins, a 2024 ear headband, or a 2024 ball cap, all now available at Walt Disney World Resort.

Walt Disney World 2024 Merchandise

2024 pins ears wdw 5421

We first found the 2024 pins at Star Traders in Magic Kingdom.

2024 ears hats wdw 5571

The ear headband and ball caps were in the Emporium.

2024 Castle Pin – $14.99

2024 pins ears wdw 5423

This pin features Cinderella Castle, pictured in neon pink with blue and yellow turrets, between Mickey and Minnie. “The Most Magical Place on Earth” is around the top of the white medallion background. “2024” is at the bottom front in sparkly gold.

2024 Mickey Pin – $14.99

2024 pins ears wdw 5430

Mickey’s face is in the center of this pin, set against fireworks. A yellow border features various Disney Parks iconography, like Buzz Lightyear, the Genie’s lamp, Cinderella’s coach, Tinker Bell, Orange Bird, and Dumbo. “2024” is pink and sparkly with a blue border.

2024 Stitch Pin – $14.99

2024 pins ears wdw 5433

Stitch is in front of the same fireworks background as Mickey, with a green border featuring the same iconography. “2024” is featured in gold with a pink border.

2024 Spinner Pin – $16.99

2024 pins ears wdw 5427

The last pin has a spinning piece featuring Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, and Pluto. They spin around “2024” in yellow lettering with a pink border, in front of a fireworks background.

2024 Ear Headband – $34.99

2024 pins ears wdw 5531

The ear headband is covered in pink fabric, with yellow velour on the inside.

2024 ears hats wdw 5543

“2024” is across the front, with Mickey in the pink zero. Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life, and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror are pictured in the other numbers, which are bright yellow, blue, and green.

2024 ears hats wdw 5544

The transparent plastic ears each feature a pink, blue, and yellow image of Cinderella Castle inside of them.

2024 ears hats wdw 5545

Rings of pink, green, blue, and yellow encircle the castle.

2024 ears hats wdw 5547

The ears are full of shiny colorful confetti shaped like stars and Mickey heads.

2024 ears hats wdw 5552
2024 ears hats wdw 5553

The same castle images show through the backs of the ears.

2024 ears hats wdw 5560

The backs of the numbers are pink.

2024 ears hats wdw 5563

“Walt Disney World” is embroidered in yellow thread on the left side of the headband.

Black 2024 Ball Cap – $29.99

2024 ears hats wdw 5577

The adult ball cap is black with “2024” and the pink Cinderella Castle embroidered on the front. The Tree of Life, Spaceship Earth, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and Space Mountain are pictured in blue to the sides, and a rising yellow sun is behind them.

Dumbo and Buzz Lightyear are flying over the park icons, creating stripes of pink and green respectively. A blue half-circle goes all the way over the icons, with Tinker Bell in the center. There are scattered white stars.

2024 ears hats wdw 5578

“Walt Disney World” is printed on a yellow rectangular patch on the back of the cap.

Youth 2024 Ball Cap – $24.99

2024 ears hats wdw 5581

The youth cap is bright blue with a large patch of Mickey’s face on the front. His ears stick out from the hat. Yellow and dark blue fireworks are embroidered around Mickey with white stars. “2024” is in white on the brim.

2024 ears hats wdw 5582

“Walt Disney World” is embroidered in white on the back, under an embroidered pink and blue Cinderella Castle.

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