New ‘The Marvels’ Merchandise Collection Now Available at Walt Disney World

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New ‘The Marvels’ Merchandise Collection Now Available at Walt Disney World

A new collection of “The Marvels” merchandise has arrived to Walt Disney World. We spotted it in Creations Shop. If you’re looking for the perfect accessories or outfit to wear to “The Marvels” release on November 10, perhaps one of these new options will save the day.

Goose Shoulder Plush – $24.99

the marvels collection goose 2

We spotted Goose beside Zero in Creations Shop.

the marvels collection goose 9

The creature’s stripey markings on his face are painted or printed on the fabric.

the marvels collection goose 8

Her collar detail has her name written on it.

the marvels collection goose 3
the marvels collection goose 4

Goose appears in this position, ready to be a perfect shoulder companion.

the marvels collection goose 5
the marvels collection goose 6

The design meets nicely on the tail of the toy.

the marvels collection goose 7

A small magnet inside the toy’s belly.

Flerkin Kids Shirt – $26.99

Flerken kid shirt the marvels 6

This Flerken shirt is dip-dyed for a faded effect. The sleeves are rolled and stitched.

Flerken kid shirt the marvels 5

The image has a planets and stars background, with several flerken eggs. In front of that, four young flerkens show off their personalities… and their tentacles.

Flerken kid shirt the marvels 1

The tentacles and flerken eggs are printed with a shiny, sticky effect, so when you touch it, it touches you back.

Flerken kid shirt the marvels 2

The back of the shirt is unprinted.

The Marvels Kids Denim Jacket – $49.99

The Marvels kids jacket 6

This denim jacket for kids has lots of printed and stitching details.

The Marvels kids jacket 5

The logo for the film is printed, with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau’s symbols beneath that.

The Marvels kids jacket 4

Printed on this pocket and stitched beneath it is the movie logo.

The Marvels kids jacket 3

The back of the jacket repeats the same logos.

The Marvels kids jacket 2

The bottom of the jacket has a single-color linocut-style print of each of the heroes.

The Marvels Mini Backpack – $39.99

the marvels mini backpack 8

This backpack features the film’s logo on the face of its tan and blue field.

the marvels mini backpack 6

The back straps on the bag are blue.

the marvels mini backpack 7

a couple of stripes appear on the side of the bag.

the marvels mini backpack 5

The contrasting stripes continue on the other side of the bag.

the marvels mini backpack 4

The bottom of the bag does not have feet. The bag is finished with contrasting piping.

the marvels mini backpack 3

The bag has a standard zipper closure.

the marvels mini backpack 2

The lining of the bag is solid blue like the rest of the bag. This is not a Loungefly mini backpack and the item quality is reflected in the lower price point on this bag.

The Marvels Mesh-back cap – $29.99

The Marvels mesh back cap 2

This cap features the logo for The Marvels.

The Marvels mesh back cap 3

The logo is shiny plastic and slightly recessed into the cap’s fabric.

The Marvels mesh back cap 5

The back of the cap is mesh.

The Marvels mesh back cap 4

inside the cap, this small segment is lined with Flerken-printed fabric.

The Marvels Denim Jacket– $ 79.99

The Marvels Adult Jacket 7

This distressed black denim jacket is in adult sizes.

The Marvels Adult Jacket 6

The logos of Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and are on a patch on the chest.

The Marvels Adult Jacket 5

The Marvels logo is at the bottom of the jacket on a small white tag.

The Marvels Adult Jacket 4

The back of the jacket is printed with white and yellow.

The Marvels Adult Jacket 2

“The Marvels” is written across the shoulders.

The Marvels Adult Jacket 3

Beneath that, the three women stand in silhouette.

Are you going to be getting yourself a new outfit from the above pieces? Let us know in the comments.

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