PHOTOS: Peek Inside Shanghai Disney Resort’s Zootopia Land at Animatronics, Scenery, and Up-Close Details

Dylan Kennedy Grey

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PHOTOS: Peek Inside Shanghai Disney Resort’s Zootopia Land at Animatronics, Scenery, and Up-Close Details

Dylan Kennedy Grey

Updated on:

PHOTOS: Peek Inside Shanghai Disney Resort’s Zootopia Land at Animatronics, Scenery, and Up-Close Details

In new Instagram posts, Shanghai Disney Resort has shared up-close details of some of their audio-animatronics, as well as glimpses of the new Zootopia Land coming to Shanghai Disneyland in December.

Locations and Scenes Revealed in Zootopia Land

In quick pans over Zootopia Land in two new Instagram posts, Shanghai Disneyland has shared some views of the land that have never been seen before.

Zootopia Land Construction Arial Shot 4

This house, with its many air conditioning units in the window, looks like it might be perfect for Mr. Big and Kolslov if they’re visiting the city from Tundratown.

Zootopia Land construction arial shot 1

Though lots of scaffolding is still visible, many of the building facades are getting finishing touches. On the right, the gerbils’ tube travel system is visible in the image above.

Zootopia Land Construction Arial Shot 5

This closer look at the tube system shows the path the small creatures of Zootopia travel over a Yak establishment. Maybe this is where we’ll meet Yax?

Zootopia Land construction arial shot 2

This shot of the street shows several building facades, with perhaps Jumbeaux’s Cafe on the right (a departure from the concept art).

Zootopia Land Construction Arial Shot 3

Here, a giraffe’s car is parked along the street, and a marquee above a building to the right advertises for Gazelle: In Concert.

Zootopia Land Construction train running

Behind that, the bullet train that takes Judy Hopps from Bunnyburrow to Zootopia can be seen running through the windows of Zootopia Central Station.

Animatronics with Up Close Details in Zootopia Land

Also in the posts, Disney Imagineers shared more of the process of creating the details for the characters to bring Zootopia Land to life. We captured photos from the video to take a more detailed look at all the characters they shared.

Officer Benjamin Clawhauser

Clawhauser 5

We have seen some looks at Clawhauser before, but we haven’t gotten to get this up close and personal with him.

Clawhauser 2

Clawhauser’s eyes are screens, but the remainder of the animatronic’s face is physically built-in.

Clawhauser 8

We also got to see Imagineers working to finalize details for fur, skin, claws, and more on this and other animatronics.

Clawhauser 17

The details on his fur are painted with water-based paint.

Clawhauser 9

Many of the details shown are closer than any guest will ever get to the animatronics, such as being able to see the texture of Clawhauser’s paw pads.

Yax the Yak

Some of the newer images show more of Yax’s completed paint detailing.

yax 1

This close-up of his face shows how intricate his face painting is, adding to the realism of the figure.

yax 2
yax 4

Yax has had details like dirt, flowers, and wired flies added to his hair.

yax 6

This looks like a nearly completed scene.



Kolslov, Mr. Big’s well-dressed henchman and companion, is shown getting his sharp suit.


The fur selection process had many fabric and fur samples.


The bear is getting the fur applied to his hand in this image.


The completed animatronic is simple, but very effective.

Chief Bogo

chief bogo 1

Chief Bogo’s animatronic also got a closer look. Here, he’s getting his nails added onto his anthropomorphized hands.

chief bogo 2

A few finishing touches and…

chief bogo 3

He’s ready for the morning brief.

Other Creatures in Zootopia Land

lemming zootopialand

Here’s a lemming, ready to travel the tubes shown above.

giraffe zootopialand

This giraffe on a treadmill looks like he’s working out to some great tunes.


Finally, a sneak peek at the animatronics planning for Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps.

Zootopia Land opens at Shanghai Disneyland on December 20, 2023.

Are you looking forward to visiting Zootopia Land at Shanghai Disney Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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