Select Disney Lorcana Products Available on shopDisney and Best Buy Website

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Select Disney Lorcana Products Available on shopDisney and Best Buy Website

Select Disney Lorcana products from both The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn are available to purchase on shopDisney and the Best Buy website. Best Buy also allows users to look up the closest store with other Lorcana products.

Disney Lorcana at Best Buy

best buy lorcana boosters

On the Disney Lorcana landing page of Best Buy, users can select their state to find Best Buy locations that have Disney Lorcana booster packs, either from Rise of the Floodborn or The First Chapter. As of the time of writing, significantly more stores seem to have The First Chapter product than Rise of the Floodborn.

best buy lorcana rise of the floodborn

Below the search is a list of Rise of the Floodborn products. Most items are listed as being “in-store only.” If you click on one of these individual items, you can check locations near you to see if they have the item in stock. Rise of the Floodborn deck boxes, card sleeves, playmats, and the Disney100 gift set are all listed as “in-store only.”

rise of the floodborn starter decks

Rise of the Floodborn starter decks and booster packs are available to purchase online. Starter decks are $16.99 each and are not available in stores. Note that you cannot select which starter deck you would like. Booster packs are $5.99 each and can be ordered to ship or be picked up from a Best Buy store.

best buy lorcana first chapter

After the Rise of the Floodborn section is the list of The First Chapter products. The First Chapter booster packs are in-store only. Portfolios, deck boxes, and playmats are all currently sold out, but fans can purchase starter decks and sleeve packs online. The First Chapter sleeve packs feature Mickey Mouse, Elsa, and Captain Hook, and are $9.99 each.

disney lorcana first chapter starter decks

Like Rise of the Floodborn, these starter decks are $16.99 each and you cannot select a specific deck.

Disney Lorcana on shopDisney

shopdisney lorcana first chapter dec 2023

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter products re-launched on shopDisney on Friday. Illumineer’s Troves, individual booster packs, accessories, and Rise of the Floodborn products are not available. But fans can purchase The First Chapter starter decks for $16.99 each. They are listed individually so you can choose which deck you want from Sapphire/Steel, Emerald/Ruby, and Amethyst/Amber.

lorcana first chapter booster

The booster box is available for $143.99 and the gift set is available for $29.99.

Disney Lorcana prices are starting to level out as The First Chapter is reprinted and more products become available, although Amazon was selling booster boxes for above MSRP this week. The game’s third chapter, Into the Inklands, will be released in February and March 2024.

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