More Nostalgic 1990s-Style Winnie the Pooh Merchandise Arrives at Walt Disney World Featuring Plush Crossbody Bags, Collegiate Sweaters, & More

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Winnie the Pooh

More Nostalgic 1990s-Style Winnie the Pooh Merchandise Arrives at Walt Disney World Featuring Plush Crossbody Bags, Collegiate Sweaters, & More

Even more nostalgic, ’90s-style Winnie the Pooh apparel items have arrived at Walt Disney World. Previously, we found two revived 1990s sweaters and a youth T-shirt at Magic Kingdom.

We found these new items inside Chester & Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Pooh MerchIMG 1044

Winnie the Pooh Face Double-Sided T-Shirt — $34.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1048

This simple white T-shirt features a large graphic of Winnie the Pooh’s head on the front.

Pooh MerchIMG 1086

The back says “Pooh,” with laughing bees sitting on the letters.

Tigger Face Doubled-Sided T-Shirt — $34.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1090

The Tigger version of the shirt is very similar, with Tigger’s face taking over the majority of the front of the white tee.

Pooh MerchIMG 1095

The back features Tigger’s signature quote, “T-i-double G-r-r-r,” with footprints swirling up toward the shoulders.

Piglet Face T-Shirt — $34.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1108

Piglet’s version is slightly different, as his face is printed on a light pink T-shirt. There is nothing printed on the back.

Eeyore Face T-Shirt — $34.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1114

Like the Piglet tee, the Eeyore shirt has nothing on the back. His face is printed on a heather gray shirt.

Tigger Sweater – $59.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1119

Adding to the collection of 1990s-inspired sweatshirts we found at Hundred Acre Goods at Magic Kingdom, Tigger’s version is a royal blue.

Pooh MerchIMG 1120

Tigger is lying under his name, with “Since 1966” embroidered on either side of Tigger’s name.

Piglet Sweater – $59.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1100

Naturally, the Piglet sweatshirt is a bright shade of pink.

Pooh MerchIMG 1103

Piglet is embroidered on the front, depicted as sitting. “Since 1966” is also embroidered on this one, on either side of the character’s name.

Winnie the Pooh Plush Crossbody Bag — $34.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1143

This plush Pooh crossbody bag has soft stuffing and embroidered features. We also spotted him and Eeyore inside of Hundred Acre Goods at Magic Kingdom.

Pooh MerchIMG 1148

It includes an adjustable, removable shoulder strap.

Pooh MerchIMG 1147

The bag has a zip-tip closure and is also available on shopDisney. It’s worth noting that the site has these crossbody bags labeled as “for kids.” However, they are large enough to be modeled on adult-sized mannequins in-store.

Eeyore Plush Crossbody Bag — $34.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1136

Like Pooh, the Eeyore crossbody has soft stuffing, embroidered features, an adjustable, removable strap, and a zip-top closure. He also has a furry mane and his signature floppy ears.

You can find this Eeyore crossbody bag on shopDisney, as well.

Winnie the Pooh and Pals Denim Shirt for Women – $69.99

IMG 3276

Also at Hundred Acre Goods was this denim button-down shirt. It has a boxy cut and a faded denim wash.

IMG 3277

On both sides of the chest are embroidered appliqués of Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore, giving it an authentic ’90s look.

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Semi-Cropped Sweatshirt — $54.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1065

This white pullover has a slightly cropped hem, with a boxy fit and dropped shoulders.

Pooh MerchIMG 1066

Tigger and Pooh hang out among honey pots on the embroidered appliqué. Find it here on shopDisney.

Winnie the Pooh Woven Eyelet Embroidery Lace Shirt — $54.99

Pooh MerchIMG 1054

This white short-sleeved button-down has an all-over embroidered eyelet design. It’s slightly cropped and has a boxy fit.

Pooh MerchIMG 1055

Inside the chest pocket is an Embroidered Pooh appliqué. This shirt is currently available on shopDisney.

Pooh and Tigger Novelty Socks — $16.99 each

Pooh MerchIMG 1062

The Pooh and Tigger socks are $16.99 each, but marked down to $14 each when you buy two pairs.

Pooh MerchIMG 1061

Pooh’s socks are hunter green, with red stripes and a yellow toe.

Pooh MerchIMG 1157

Tigger’s socks are royal blue with white stripes and an orange toe.

Which item from this collection would you be most inclined to pick up? Let us know in the comments below!

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