UPDATE: Disneyland Security Dismissed Concerns About Racist Guest, Protestors Arrested Outside Guest’s Home

Shannen Ace

UPDATE: Disneyland Security Dismissed Concerns About Racist Guest, Protestors Arrested Outside Guest’s Home

Protestors who gathered outside a woman’s house after she made racist comments towards a fellow Disneyland Resort guest were arrested on Sunday. The guest who took the original viral video also confirmed that she spoke to Disneyland Resort security about the incident but felt they dismissed her concerns.

Racist Disneyland Guest

Disneyland Racist Guest
Image Source: Riverside County Accountability on Instagram

Last week, Eva Ramirez shared a video of another woman complaining about her speaking Spanish in America, which she described as an “English-speaking country” despite the U.S.A. having no official language. The woman said, “I hate Mexicans,” and complained about Ramirez and her young son using an accessible restroom stall.

The LA Times reached out to Ramirez, who said she spoke to Disneyland Resort security, but felt they dismissed her concerns.

“A security guard told me, ‘Well, what do you want us to do about it?’” Ramirez said. Security told her they couldn’t make the woman leave because it was only a verbal confrontation.

After she showed security the video, security offered to escort her into the park — the confrontation took place in a restroom at the Mickey & Friends parking structure. When security escorted Ramirez and her son into the park, she saw the other woman being led into an office.

“They told me that they already got her side of the story, and it felt dismissive as I tried to explain what happened,” Ramirez told the LA Times. “I told them I wouldn’t stay at Disneyland because I wouldn’t feel safe knowing that they let that other person into the theme park and didn’t do anything for me.”

Several commenters on the original video claimed to know the identity of the racist guest and shared her name and social media accounts. She has since deleted or made her social media accounts private. The LA Times called a phone number associated with her name, but the person who answered hung up after the reporter identified themself.

Protestors Outside Racist Guest’s Home

racist guest protestors dl

In her original video post, Ramirez tagged Edin Enamorado, an activist who frequently calls attention to people who make racist comments. Enamorado and other protestors gathered outside the racist guest’s home in Apple Valley on Sunday, December 10, shouting in Spanish.

“We were there to let her know and her neighbors know who she is,” Enamorado told the LA Times when reached by phone on Monday. “I do think she is a bigot, but first I would say that she is uneducated.”

Enamorado and Instagram account Riverside County Accountability shared videos of San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies arriving on the scene in four police cars. One deputy told the protestors to get on the ground. The protestors did not comply. Enamorado approached the officers and said they had permission from a neighbor to be in the gated community.

The officers then grabbed Enamorado and forced him into handcuffs. One deputy took Enamorado’s phone, which he was using to record a video, and threw it on the ground.

Though video clips at the end of Enamorado’s video show him and some other protestors approaching the woman’s front door and knocking, they were on the sidewalk and street when the officers arrived.

Enamorado said he was booked on charges of trespassing and refusing to leave. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s department confirmed Enamorado was arrested and released.

Enamorado also complained of being left in the patrol car with the heater on for 30 minutes while the deputies investigated, feeling like he couldn’t breathe. He cited instances of K9 dogs, an officer’s wife, and a person in custody dying in police vehicles across the country

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