PHOTOS: Baby African Elephant Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for First Time in Seven Years

Katie Francis

PHOTOS: Baby African Elephant Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for First Time in Seven Years

For the first time in seven years, a baby African elephant has been born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

DAK baby elephant Corra 2

The beautiful baby elephant is backstage bonding with mom Nadirah. Baby Corra weighs 218 pounds and her birth was carefully planned through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan. This program helps ensure the responsible breeding of endangered animals in managed care. 

DAK baby elephant Corra 3

This is Nadirah’s first calf, making this birth extra special because Nadirah herself was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2005, making her the first second-generation calf. Since this is Nadirah’s first birth, her sister Luna was there to guide and comfort her throughout the process. The calf will soon get to meet her grandma, Donna, and her other aunt, Stella, too. It’s common for adult females in the herd to assist in raising young elephants until they are considered to be independent, typically around eight years old.

DAK baby elephant Corra 4

Nadirah became pregnant through natural breeding in early 2022, and received special care from the animal care team for the entirety of her nearly 22-month pregnancy. It takes a team of dedicated Cast Members to care for a pregnant elephant and eventually, her newborn calf.  

DAK baby elephant Corra 1

Under the expert care of animal keepers, veterinary team, and scientists, mother and baby will undergo continued post-natal exams and spend several days bonding before they are ready to join the rest of the herd. During this bonding period, the elephant team is watching for the pair to share key moments like successful nursing and weight gain.