PHOTOS: Scrim and Scaffolding Come Down on Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland Park as Refurbishment Continues

Toni Ferrigno

Mark Twain Riverboat

PHOTOS: Scrim and Scaffolding Come Down on Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland Park as Refurbishment Continues

The Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland Park is currently under refurbishment, and it’s making quick progress as it sails toward reopening. Here are all the updates we’ve noticed during recent trips to the park.

Mark Twain Riverboat Construction Update

118 Mark Twain IMG 9126

On November 8, 2023, we saw that the scrim covering the Mark Twain Riverboat had once again been taken down, allowing guests to get a look at the work being done. The scrim has gone up and down throughout the refurbishment. We spotted progress in October before the scrim went back up again.

118 Mark Twain IMG 9125

There appeared to be no one working on the Riverboat when we stopped by. Scaffolding surrounds the Mark Twain, from top to bottom. Wooden planks allow crew members to work on different parts of the boat.

118 Mark Twain IMG 9127

It appears the refurbishment will go through at least January 19, 2024, as the Disneyland official website has the attraction listed as “No Times Available” through that date.

1115 Mark Twain IMG 0848

A week after our previous visit, on November 15, quite a bit of the scaffolding had come down, revealing the top of the boat and the paddlewheel. Plastic covering was also put up around the surface of the boat.

1115 Mark Twain 1113 Mark Twain IMG 0580

There was still scrim along the side of the boat by the Pelican’s Landing seating area to separate guests from the refurbishment.

1130 Mark Twain IMG 3538

We spotted further progress on November 30, with much of the plastic wrapping removed, and many crew members at work.

1130 Mark Twain IMG 3540

Plastic covering was added to the side of the scaffolding facing Pelican’s Landing. Some of the paint on the Mark Twain appears much brighter than it was before the refurbishment began.

123 Mark Twain IMG 2412

On our most recent trip on December 3, the plastic wrapping was removed from the scaffolding, but it appears more had been added to the windows on the boat.

123 Mark Twain IMG 2415

Are you looking forward to the reopening of the Mark Twain Riverboat? Which do you prefer, the Mark Twain or the Sailing Ship Columbia? Let us know in the comments below.

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