Celebrate the New Year At Disneyland Resort with NEW 2024 Starbucks Tumbler, Pins, Apparel, Housewares, & More

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Celebrate the New Year At Disneyland Resort with NEW 2024 Starbucks Tumbler, Pins, Apparel, Housewares, & More

Whether you’re most looking forward to Disneyland’s Pixar Place Hotel opening in January, Fantasmic! returning in May, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opening, Disney Channel Nite, there’s a lot to celebrate at Disneyland Resort in the upcoming year. This 2024 collection might be the perfect way to show off your excitement.

World of Disney

Youth Happy New Year 2024 Shirt – $21.99

2024 happy new year shirt 2

The shirt has “Happy New Year” printed underneath “2024.” Each of the numbers is designed to look like a different Disney character — Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy.

2024 happy new year shirt 4

The shirt is blank on the back.

2024 Loungefly Mini Backpack – $78

2024 loungefly mini backpack 1

The bag has an allover print of characters, park icons, and “2024.”

2024 loungefly mini backpack 2

The hardware, including the zipper pulls and zippers themselves, is silver.

2024 loungefly mini backpack 3

The zippers are surrounded with bright blue edges.

2024 loungefly mini backpack 4

The bag straps are pink.

2024 loungefly mini backpack 6

The inside of the bag has fireworks and an all-over 2024 print.

2024 Sling Bag – $39.99

2024 Sling Bag Disneyland Resort 1

Carry all your essentials in this 2024-themed sling bag.

2024 Sling Bag Disneyland Resort 2

The bag is mostly black, but has a multi-colored all-over print featuring Mickey & Friends, Disneyland Resort icons, and “2024.”

2024 sling bag 4

The pattern also extends to the strap.

2024 Mickey Plush – $29.99

2024 Mickey Plush 1

This Mickey plush wears a 2024 hoodie and pink shorts.

2024 Mickey Plush 2

His hoodie is covered in fireworks graphics, and his color palette matches the rest of the 2024 merchandise collection.

2024 Baseball – $12.99

2024 baseball 3

The baseball has contrast stitching.

2024 baseball 4

The ball has lots of different park icons and characters printed on it.

2024 baseball 2

“2024” is also printed in large pink and yellow lettering.

2024 Beach Towel – $29.99

2024 Beach Towel 1 1

This beach towel features Minnie Mouse, smiling and ready for 2024.

2024 Beach Towel 2 1

The towel is blue with yellow and pink accents.

2024 Photo Frame – $29.99

2024 Disneyland Photo Frame 1

This translucent photo frame is yellow with pink and blue Disneyland Resort icons.

2024 Disneyland Photo Frame 2

The resort’s logo, “2024,” and Tinker Bell are printed in white on the front.

2024 Pink Mug – $19.99

2024 cup 1

This translucent pink mug features the Disneyland Resort tagline, “The Happiest Place on Earth,” alongside Mickey, Minnie, Sleeping Beauty castle, and “2024.”

2024 cup 2

The handle of the mug is a translucent blue squiggle.

2024 Water Bottle – $29.99

2024 water bottle 1

This side of the water bottle has Minnie, Mickey, Sleeping Beauty Castle, and Space Mountain printed inside each number of the year.

2024 water bottle 3

The Disneyland Resort logo is printed on the other side.

2024 water bottle 2

The whole bottle has a colorful gradient.

2024 Soap Dispenser

2024 Soap Dispenser 1

This Mickey foaming hand soap dispenser has citrus-scented soap inside.

2024 Soap Dispenser 2

When you pump the soap, the foam dispenses in the shape of a Mickey head.

2024 Peterbilt Truck – $29.99

2024 peterbuilt truck 4

Add some festive spirit to your collection with this 2024 Peterbilt Model 387 hauler.

2024 peterbuilt truck 3

The truck itself is navy blue and features a light blue firework-enriched Mickey head on its side. A yellow “2024” icon appears on top of the truck.

2024 peterbuilt truck 2

The truck’s trailer features a navy-to-light-blue design and also borrows the Mickey and Minnie-flanked 2024 design seen elsewhere in this collection.

2024 peterbuilt truck 1

Mickey and Minnie are surrounded by stars and fireworks on the side of the trailer.

2024 Reusable Straw Set – $14.99

reusable straw set 2024 3

Each straw is bent into the shape of a Mickey head.

reusable straw set 2024 2

The set includes translucent yellow-green, red, and blue straws.

2024 Photo Album – $24.99

Disneyland 2024 Photo Album 1

The front of the photo album has Mickey Mouse surrounded by fireworks, park icons, and more characters.

Disneyland 2024 Photo Album 2

Inside, the pages have different park images and memo space.

Disneyland 2024 Photo Album 3

The spine of the photo album has the year and “Disneyland Resort” printed on it.

Disneyland 2024 Photo Album 4

The back of the photo album shows five different Disneyland Resort icons. It also tells buyers that there are 50 photo sleeves to hold 200 photos.

Disneyland 2024 Photo Album 5

The inside covers include a repeating pattern of Disneyland Resort icons, the resort wordmark, and “2024.”

20th Century Music Company

2024 Pins Blind Box – $19.99

2024 Bling Box Pins 1

This mystery pin set celebrates 2024 at the Disney Parks.

2024 Bling Box Pins 3

The side of the box details that there are eight total pins in the full set, and each box contains two randomly selected pins.

2024 Bling Box Pins 5

The side of the box shows all of the possible 2024 pins within it.

2024 Bling Box Pins 4

The set contains Winnie-the-Pooh, Orange Bird, Mushu, Genie, Simba, Cheshire Cat, Chip, and Dumbo.

2024 Pin Set – $34.99

2024 pin set 3

The six-pin set has a stacked 2024 design, each with a different character popping out of the zero in the number. This set has one each of Mickey, Simba, Minnie, Cheshire Cat, Dumbo, and Genie.

2024 Pin Trading Starter Set – $39.99

2024 Pin Trading Starter Set 1

This 2024 pin trading set comes with four pins and a lanyard for pin trading.

Pin Trading Starter Set 2

The four pins have images of characters inside circles, each with “2024” underneath the star of the pin. This set has a pin for Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and one that Chip & Dale share.

Reversible 2024 Lanyard – $14.99

2024 Reversible Lanyard 2

This reversible 2024 lanyard is blue on one side…

2024 Reversible Lanyard 4

…and black with a simpler print of park icons, fireworks, and stars on the other.

2024 Sleeping Beauty Castle Pin – $14.99

Disneyland 2024 Castle Pin 2

This pin features a blue, pink, and yellow Sleeping Beauty Castle, with Mickey and Minnie on either side. A large, golden glitter “2024” rests below the castle.

2024 Spinner Pin – $16.99

Disneyland 2024 Spinner PIn 2

This pin has Mickey and friends, who spin around a stacked 2024.

2024 Mickey Pin – $14.99

Mickey 2024 Pin 1

This circular pin features Mickey Mouse’s head set inside a border full of various Disney Parks icons. “2024” is represented below him in pink glitter.

2024 Stitch Pin – $14.99

Stitch 2024 Pin 1

Another version of the pin above features Stitch, this time with “2024” in gold glitter and a green border.

Julius Katz & Sons

2024 Figural Ornament – $29.99

2024 Mickey Figural ornament 1

This Mickey ear bauble ornament has the year and icons printed on the head section, with fireworks on the ears.

2024 Mickey Figural ornament 2

A figure of Mickey Mouse sits on top of the ornament, arms outstretched.

2024 Mickey Figural ornament 3

The back of the ornament continues the fireworks theme, and has “The Happiest Place on Earth” printed in yellow.

2024 Light Up Ornament – $29.99

2024 Light Up Ornament 5

This ornament has Mickey and Minnie Mouse standing with Sleeping Beauty Castle on a blue base that has the Disneyland Resort logo printed on it.

2024 Light Up Ornament 4

The art of the castle continues on the back.

2024 Light Up Ornament 3

The base of the ornament has a switch to toggle the light feature on and off.

2024 Light Up Ornament 1

The “2024” part of the ornament illuminates when it’s switched on.

Disney Showcase

2024 Starbucks Tumbler – $49.99

Starbucks Tumbler 2024 1

Mickey is printed on the front of this Starbucks tumbler, with the new year printed just below him.

Starbucks Tumbler 2024 4

The back of the cup has the Starbucks Mermaid logo.

Starbucks Tumbler 2024 3
Starbucks Tumbler 2024 2

Inside the cup is a pamphlet with washing and care information.

Disney Home

2024 Mickey Magnet – $9.99

Mickey 2024 magnet 1

Finally, this ornament features Mickey Mouse with his arms outstretched over “2024” and four park icons from Disneyland Resort. He’s also wearing a very tiny Sorcerer’s Hat.

Which of these are you most excited to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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