PHOTOS, VIDEO: Disney Shares First Room Tour for Pixar Place Hotel at Disneyland Resort

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Disney Shares First Room Tour for Pixar Place Hotel at Disneyland Resort

Disney has shared the first tour of the rooms that guests will have the opportunity to stay in when Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel completes its transformation into Pixar Place Hotel on January 30, 2024. The company’s new social media post allows viewers to take a peek at the new abodes from the perspective of a few beloved Pixar characters.

Disney Shares Pixar Place Hotel Room Tour

The humorous sketch, which was posted on the official Disney Parks Instagram account on December 3, transports guests into the world of the Green Army Men from the “Toy Story” franchise. We see the new room from their perspective, with high jinks ensuing along the way.

Pixar Place Room Tour 5
Source: Disney Parks Instagram

Most of the elements showcased in the short video were first seen in previously released concept art, but this is our first look at what the rooms look like in person as opposed to in a rendered image. The clip shows a desk lamp fashioned after Luxo Jr., the iconic jumping light source that appears in the studio tag that plays before each Pixar film.

Pixar Place Room Tour 4
Source: Disney Parks Instagram

Luxo Jr. sits on the desk across from a book titled “The Art of Pixar,” a 2020 release that contains colorscripts from several of the studio’s films. Given its inclusion in both this video and in the previously released concept art, it’s likely that each Pixar Place Hotel room will include a copy of this collection.

Pixar Place Room Tour 1

We’re then offered an in-person look at the Pixar-inspired mural that’s placed above the bed headboards. The piece contains scenes from “Inside Out,” “Coco,” “Soul,” “Finding Nemo,” the “Toy Story” franchise, and “The Incredibles.” Though a Pixar mural was seen in the previously released concept art, the one showcased in this video is not an exact match; the concept mural contained a depiction of Merida from “Brave,” but she’s not seen in the new clip.

Pixar Place Room Tour 2
Source: Disney Parks Instagram

The Green Army Men then take a quick break to watch some television. The options menu contains artwork from several Pixar movies, including “Coco” and “Ratatouille.”

Pixar Place Hotel Room View
Source: Disney Parks Instagram

The clip then shows an example of a potential view from a Pixar Place Hotel room before showcasing its bathroom. While this is our first glimpse at a renovated bathroom, it offers little in terms of surprises; it looks like a standard contemporary hotel bathroom, with gray walls and black tile flooring. A Luxo Jr. illustration is framed over the toilet.

Pixar Place Room Tour 3
Source: Disney Parks Instagram
Pixar Place Room Tour 6
Source: Disney Parks Instagram

Each room at Pixar Place Hotel will contain a decorative throw pillow fashioned to the Luxo ball, the iconic yellow toy that subtly appears in most Pixar projects.

Check out the Disney Parks Instagram post below:

Pixar Place Hotel

pixar place hotel
Source: Disney

The Pixar-inspired overhaul of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel was formally announced at D23 Expo in 2022 and commenced in October of that year. The hotel has remained open as work on the reimagining has transpired.

Work has steadily progressed over the last 14 months; colorful stripes were added to the exterior of the hotel in January, and its Pixar-inspired lobby opened in MayConcept art from “Coco,” “Soul,” “Inside Out,” and other Pixar films was hung from the walls of a ground-floor seating area in June.

A “Luca” mural was installed in the hotel’s elevator bay in July, while several Pixar references were spotted at its pool when it reopened as Pixel Pool in August. The new pool area features a “Finding Nemo” slide and splash pad and shaped fireplaces depicting characters from “The Incredibles,” “Inside Out,” “Elemental,” and “Lava,” a 2014 short film.

Great Maple, the hotel’s new flagship eatery, opened on November 15. Check out our tour of the new restaurant here.

What do you think of the rooms at the Pixar Place Hotel? Are you eager to stay at the lodging when it opens next year? Let us know in the comments.

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