PHOTOS, VIDEO: Legendary Tokyo Disney Resort Executive Celebrated in Surprise Disneyland Park Pre-Parade Today

Dylan Kennedy Grey

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Legendary Tokyo Disney Resort Executive Celebrated in Surprise Disneyland Park Pre-Parade Today

Ahead of this afternoon’s performance of “A Christmas Fantasy Parade” at Disneyland Park, guests were treated to a special surprise: Toshio Kagami, former CEO of the Oriental Land Company (OLC), which runs Tokyo Disney Resort, served as the pre-parade’s Grand Marshal. He was joined by his successor and current CEO, Yumiko Takano.

Former OLC CEO Toshio Kagami Serves as Grand Marshal of Disneyland Park Pre-Parade

Kagami and Takano’s visit to Disneyland Park was capped off with a special pre-parade celebration, which stepped off about 15 minutes before this afternoon’s performance of “A Christmas Fantasy Parade.”

Tokyo Disney Resort Executives at Disneyland Cavalcade

As the pre-parade made its way up the street, several Cast Members preceded a large banner.

Toshio Kagami cavalcade 9

The banner reads, “Welcome Toshio Kagami and Yumiko Takano, Tokyo Disney Resort.”

Toshio Kagami cavalcade 8

Two Cast Members carried the banner, wearing bright and colorful outfits.

Toshio Kagami cavalcade 7

Behind the banner, a decorated Engine No. 1 carried the special guests.

Toshio Kagami cavalcade 2

Mickey sat in the back of the engine with the two Tokyo Disney Resort executives waving in front of him.

Toshio Kagami cavalcade 1

Another small banner repeating the welcome message flanked the guests on the sides of Engine No. 1. The Disneyland Band followed behind.

Toshio Kagami cavalcade 6

After the band, a few more familiar faces waved to guests. Minnie, Chip, Dale, Pluto, Donald, and Goofy greeted guests along the sides of the street.

Toshio Kagami cavalcade 4

The end of the pre-parade was signaled by two Cast Members carrying large bouquets of balloons and a gold rope.

Toshio Kagami cavalcade 3

You can watch our video of the surprise cavalcade here:

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Toshio Kagami Steps Down as CEO of Oriental Land Co.

Toshio Kagami, 87, retired as Chief Executive Officer of The Oriental Land Company, which runs Tokyo Disney Resort, earlier this year. Yumiko Takano replaced Kagami as CEO.

toshio kagami

The change was announced during an OLC Board of Directors meeting in May and was officially approved after the sixth ordinary general meeting of shareholders on June 29, 2023.

Kagami remains in his position as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Takano was formerly the Executive Vice President and is the OLC’s first female chairman and CEO.

Kagami was a driving force behind Tokyo Disney Resort, having been appointed director of the OLC’s Real Estate Division in 1976, six years before Tokyo Disneyland opened. By 1983, he was a Managing Director. In 1993, he was named Executive Vice President. In 1995, he became the Representative Director and President. Two decades later, in 2005, he officially became Chairman and CEO, in addition to Representative Director. Kagami was inducted as a Disney Legend in 2008.

“Walt was definitely a wonderful person,” D23 quotes Kagami as saying once, “but the fact that we were able to bring the Disney Resort to Japan and make it a success in Japan, I believe that we were able to bridge these two different cultures together. The world has to be a peaceful place and I would like to see more and more of these bridges built across the world.”

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