PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Covers H2O+ Logo on Shower Products With Stickers

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Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in Walt Disney World hotel shower

PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Covers H2O+ Logo on Shower Products With Stickers

Walt Disney World has covered the H2O+ labels on some hair and skincare products available at their resort hotels after the brand was discontinued. Other H2O+ products have been replaced with Disney-branded items.

H2O+ Products at Walt Disney World Hotels

H2O+ was a brand created by Pola Orbis Holdings, LLC. They began a partnership with Disney in 2006, offering soaps, shampoos, lotions, and more at Disney hotels and on Disney Cruise Line ships. Pola Orbis Holdings discontinued the H2O+ brand in 2022.

Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in Walt Disney World hotel shower

Disney has now covered the H2O+ logo on shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles at Walt Disney World Resort hotels. The bottles are attached to shower walls, although can be removed by housekeeping for replacement. Disney began implementing these pump dispensers in 2017 so guests wouldn’t “steal” products.

The new sticker labels have similar designs as the bottles underneath, just without the “H2O+ Beauty” wordmark. See the bottles as they used to look below.

H2O+ products in Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort shower

The shampoo and conditioner are both “Sea Marine,” while the body wash is “Sea Salt.” They’re color-coded with blue (shampoo), black (conditioner), and yellow (body wash) accents. The bottles themselves feature a blue-green ombre design.

Close-up on shower products in Walt Disney World hotel room

The stickers are white and unfortunately are already beginning to get water damage. Hopefully, these stickers are just a temporary solution until Disney can replace all the bottles.

Disney announced late last year that they had purchased the formulas for H2O+ products and would continue supplying the products under the new Disney Resorts branding.

H2O+ and Disney Resorts toiletries

We’re starting to see that new branding on other toiletries available. The mouthwash, vanity kit, and shower cap packaging are all now just branded “Disney Resorts.” They otherwise have the same designs that the H2O-branded products had.

There were two H2O+ products available in the room without stickers covering their labels. These were the body lotion and cooling aloe gel.

Disney Resorts soap box

The box for hand soap is similarly branded “Disney Resorts” without the H2O+ logo and the Disney wordmark is on the soap itself (pictured below).

Disney-branded hand soap

On our recent Disney Magic sailing, we also noted that H2O+ products had Disney Cruise Line stickers covering their logos. But, like the shower products at this Walt Disney World hotel room, the stickers were already damaged and peeling.

Do you enjoy H2O+ products at Disney hotels and on Disney Cruise Line ships? What do you think of this branding update? Let us know in the comments.

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