PHOTO: Disney World Replacing “Stealable” Toiletries with Pump Dispensers in Guest Hotel Rooms

PHOTO: Disney World Replacing "Stealable" Toiletries with Pump Dispensers in Guest Hotel Rooms
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Rather than distribute endless numbers of bottles and soaps to every guest room at Walt Disney World (that guests would then be able to take home with them), Disney is moving towards refillable dispensers inside of the showers found in guest rooms.

The following picture was shared on the Coronado Springs Buzz Facebook page:

The picture above is from Port Orleans Riverside, featuring a locked shelf holding pump dispensers for conditioner, shampoo, and body wash.

it is unknown if this will be rolled out beyond Value and Moderate class rooms, but I imagine guests at a Deluxe Resort may be a little annoyed to find such a contraption in their rooms for the amount they are paying.

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  • This is not sanitary! That’s just gross! Think of how many people wil touch and rub up against those naked cleaning privates and then touching that pump. So nasty. I just picture a big nasty hairy fat guy rubbing against it naked before I have to touch it with my hand , no thanks!!! Keep your soap! At $500 a night for most resorts , you think they could spare the damn free soap! Tacky! Sooo tacky!!

    • 1) Only Deluxe and above is $500 a night, and not all of those.

      2) You are showering in the same shower as that fat, nasty hairy man and your ass is sitting on the same toilet seat. Think about THAT.

      3) I’m sure they will also be cleaned just like every other part of the room.

      4) Feel free to bring your own. They are an amenity, not something that is required that the hotel provide you.

    • So I guess you’re assuming that housekeeping won’t be sanitizing the pump between guests? If you feel so strongly that they don’t sufficiently clean the room between guests, maybe you should rethink ever staying in a Disney resort ever again because big hairy nasty guys have probably done a lot worse in that room than clean themselves. Also the soap is still free genius, they’re just not giving it to you in a tiny bottle. You must like tiny things around your naked body so it makes parts of you feel bigger than they actually are.

    • In Europe we have dispensers, but not ones like Disney are going to offer. A lot are cartridge filled and dispense from the bottom by pressing the front plate. So very easy to clean and maintain. No harder than cleaning the washbasin taps.

  • Bring Lysol wipes folks…that should solve the issue of others touching these pumps……just think of everything you touch that someone touched before you….let’s kill all the germs including the good ones so your body has no immunity than see how sick you get with nothing to fight bad germs

  • I think it’s great!! I have really thick hair and there is never enough shampoo for our family of 4 in one of those small bottles. Plus, I use more conditioner than shampoo.

  • This makes no sense to me. Disney surely already prices the cost of toiletries into the price they charge for the room so we aren’t “stealing”. They might be trying to protect sales of the H2O toiletries in their gift shops but I’m sure Disney has already figured out that all we have to do is bring empty plastic travel bottles and fill them up from the dispenser. It seems unlikely that it’s to save on trash because we are supposedly taking the toiletries with us so it becomes our trash, not Disney’s.

    • It’s not about It being trash that Disney has to take care of, it’s about taking up landfill space. Less bottles mean less things going to a landfill.

  • The comments you people are making here are just laughable. These kinds of body washes and shampoos I have saw in many resorts now. They are on every cruise ship I have taken as well. I would love to see how you all live your life to stay away from germs everyday because they are literally everywhere.

    I applauded Disney for this move they are great for the environment.

  • It’s not like they can put it back in the bottle get over it and i don’t understand how this is “unsanitary” even if mousekeeping doesn’t wipe it down for whatever reason the handle you just touched is putting out guess what SOAP you will then be washing away any germs you just picked up i do not understand heath code calls…

  • This is sad! I also find it unsanitary.
    Also it was a pleasure a couple of months after my trip to open a Disney Shampoo bottle and make me dream of Disney again! Thinking about bringing my toiletries for my november trip!

  • Honestly, I’m disgusted at the thought of having to use the same bottles that have been in the shower while someone else showered.

  • I only hope we get a “length of stay refill” on all 3 bottles of locked toiletries. I tend to shower more these days after visiting the parks…especially if you’re riding the buses. Just sayin’…

  • I brought a few shampoo/conditioner/body wash bottles home from our last trip to the Wilderness Lodge in September 2016. They stayed in my vanity bag for ages and I recently handed them in to a friend who does toiletries packages for unemployed and/or people on low incomes. I had intended to use them, but the bag was put back in the suitcase and stored in the attic and was forgotten about. Then, when asked, I remembered I had them so I gave them away. I have no idea how much Disney paid for these small bottles – I just know that my two week vacation was $$$$ from the UK so I didn’t feel too bad about asking Mousekeeping for a few extra toiletries to bring home.

  • Does anyone know if this has happened in other on property resorts yet? French Quarter as well as Riverside?

    Nothing wrong with taking home a couple of these bad boys as a nice momento from your vacation, people staying on property are paying a good amount to be there too, wouldn’t call these toiletries a big luxury not a big waste of money.

    And some germaphobes may protest the communal soap dispensers…