REVIEW: The $8 Artisan S’mores from The Ganachery at Disney Springs are Life Changing

REVIEW: The $8 Artisan S'mores from The Ganachery at Disney Springs are Life Changing
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So, $8 seems like a lot of money for a s’mores, considering the average creation of a single serving of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate probably would cost you less than $1 as a consumer. However, I don’t think you’ll be making s’mores quite like The Ganachery at Disney Springs

A relatively new offering, the above $8 s’mores can be ordered at the counter and the guest is then given a little sign to hold up at the window where the desserts are made. The artisan behind the glass will then begin to make your s’mores and brings it out to you. You can see this entire process in the video below:

So, how it it? Amazing, and certainly worth the hefty price tag. The quality of the chocolate is staggering and the flavor with the sea salt is perfection. The giant chunk of marshmallow makes sure every bite has more than enough, and the graham cracker isn’t terribly crunchy to the point where the entire thing falls apart. This thing can be a little messy, so be sure to grab a napkin… or all of the napkins. You may also want to share it if you don’t want to feel terrible about yourself afterwards, but hey, it’s your vacation so I won’t judge you if you eat the entire thing alone.

I can’t recommend this enough. It is undoubtedly the best s’mores I’ve ever had in my entire life!

So the next time you’re at Disney Springs, be sure to stop by The Ganachery in the Landing to try this for yourself (or try something else from here, you really can’t go wrong).

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