Peach Punch merchandise at Disneyland Resort

NEW Peach Punch Merchandise Collection Arrives at Disneyland Resort, Featuring Spirit Jerseys, Loungefly Backpack, & More

Brit Tuttle

Peach Punch is the newest color trend at Disneyland Resort, with merchandise in the new collection including a Spirit Jersey, ear headband, Loungefly mini backpack, and more.

Peach Punch Merchandise Collection

Peach Punch merchandise collection sign

We found the adult Spirit Jersey, ear headband, Loungefly mini backpack, PopSocket, and ball cap at The Disney Dress Shop in Downtown Disney District. The youth-sized Spirit Jersey was available in World of Disney, and the Starbucks tumbler was found in China Closet in Disneyland Park.

Peach Punch Adult Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Front of Peach Punch Spirit Jersey

“Peach Punch” is an orange-pink color similar to coral. The merchandise collection pairs the color with gold accents. The Spirit Jersey is peach punch-colored with gold flecks across it and the Disneyland Resort “D” logo in gold on the left breast. There are a few golden stars around it and “Est. 1955” below it. 1955 is the year Disneyland Park opened.

Back of Peach Punch Spirit Jersey

“Disneyland Resort” is across the back in large shiny gold letters. Behind the resort’s name is the outline of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Four-pointed stars and dots are above and around the castle. The gold elements pop out from the Spirit Jersey.

Disneyland Resort also has a new Lunar New Year Spirit Jersey.

Peach Punch Ear Headband – $34.99

Peach Punch Minnie ear headband

The mouse ears and headband are covered in a shiny peach punch pleather material. The ears are thin with exposed stitching around the edges. The Minnie bow between the ears is covered in sequins.

Peach Punch ear headband bow

The sequins look like various shades of peachy colors thanks to the light reflecting off them. The sequins are across the entire bow, which is nice and puffy.

Back of Peach Punch ear headband

Both sides of the ears are blank to show off the unique color. The inside of the headband is lined in soft orange velour.

This ear headband is also available at Walt Disney World.

Peach Punch Loungefly Mini Backpack – $98.00

Peach Punch Loungefly mini backpack

The Loungefly mini backpack is covered in sequins that match the ear headband’s bow. The backpack has a main zip pocket, a small front zip pocket, and side slip pockets. The pockets and zippers are lined with peach punch pleather.

Bow and ears on Peach Punch Loungefly

A pleather bow is on the front of the bag, above a sparkly pink Disney Parks and Loungefly plaque. There are also flat pleather ears sticking out of the top of the bag, on either side of the handle.

Side of Peach Punch bag

The sequins cover the front and sides of the backpack. There are no sequins on the back. The adjustable straps are also solid peach punch.

Inside of Peach Punch bag

The interior lining is peach punch with light polka-dots. The zippers are gold-tone.

Peach Punch PopSocket – $21.99

Peach Punch PopSocket

The PopSocket is plastic and Mickey-shaped. It’s peach punch-colored and filled with golden glitter for a sparkly effect. The PopSocket works as a grip and a phone stand.

Peach Punch Ball Cap – $29.99

Peach Punch ball cap

The ball cap is a slightly darker shade of peach punch but covered in golden glitter just like the Spirit Jersey. A Mickey head is on the front. It has an embroidered outline but is filled with sequins.

Back of Peach Punch ball cap

“Disneyland Resort” is embroidered on the adjustable strap on the back. The thread color blends in with the hat color.

Peach Punch Starbucks Tumbler – $29.99

Peach Punch Starbucks tumbler

The colors of the Starbucks tumbler are closer to pink than orange. A shiny metallic silhouette of Mickey is on the side of the cup, below “Disneyland Resort.” The rest of the tumbler is pink and sparkly.

Lid and straw of Peach Punch Starbucks tumbler

The lid is solid peach pink. The straw is the same color but slightly translucent. The Starbucks wordmark is in white on the opposite side of Mickey’s silhouette. The wordmark is near the cap of the tumbler.

Peach Punch Youth Spirit Jersey – $54.99

Youth Peach Punch Spirit Jersey

The youth Spirit Jersey has the same design as the adult version, just in smaller sizes. It’s peach pink with golden sparkles embedded in the fabric. The Disneyland “D” logo is in gold on the chest.

Disneyland logo on youth Peach Punch jersey

The Disneyland logo uses a medieval-style typeface similar to the one used for “Sleeping Beauty.” Though Sleeping Beauty Castle was part of Disneyland when it opened in 1955, the “Sleeping Beauty” film was not released until 1959.

Back of youth Peach Punch Spirit Jersey

“Disneyland Resort” is across the back over the outline of Sleeping Beauty Castle with stars around it. In the full wordmark, “Disneyland” uses the medieval typeface while “Resort” is in a simple sans serif typeface.

How do you feel about the Peach Punch merchandise collection? Were you a fan of Disney’s previous color trend collections? Let us know in the comments.

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