PHOTOS: Most Scrim Removed From Columbia Harbour House at Magic Kingdom

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Columbia Harbour House facade in Fantasyland

PHOTOS: Most Scrim Removed From Columbia Harbour House at Magic Kingdom

Most of the scrim has been removed from Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom after a months-long exterior refurbishment.

Columbia Harbour House Refurbishment

Columbia Harbour House bridge covered in scrim

Since our last refurbishment update, scrim has been wrapped around the bridge that crosses over the walkway between Columbia Harbour House and Memento Mori, The Haunted Mansion gift shop. Inside the bridge is a seating area for Columbia Harbour House guests and it does not actually lead into the gift shop.

Columbia Harbour House facade in Fantasyland

Scrim and construction walls previously covered most of the Fantasyland side of the quick-service restaurant. They have all now been removed, revealing the refreshed exterior. The façade hasn’t seen significant design changes.

Columbia Harbour House facade

Flower boxes are still missing from this tower on the Fantasyland side. Flower boxes were removed from another section and returned, so we’ll likely see the flowers back here soon. The flower boxes were under each set of windows.

Close up of Columbia Harbour House facade

The top section of the tower was also a pale red color instead of the same cream color as the rest of the facade. It may still be repainted or Disney may keep the whole building the same color.

First floor of Columbia Harbour House facade

The refurbishment of Columbia Harbour House began in September. Since then, construction has continued on both the Fantasyland and Liberty Square sides. Though the restaurant is technically located in both lands, it is listed as part of Liberty Square and has Liberty Square theming inside.

First floor of Columbia Harbour House facade

Columbia Harbour House has remained open during the exterior refurbishment work. The restaurant usually opens for lunch at 11 a.m. and closes at 8 or 9 p.m. It serves New England-style food.

Columbia Harbour House facade with menu board

There is an entrance door in Fantasyland unmarked except for the menu board beside it.

Columbia Harbour House main entrance facade

On the Liberty Square side, scrim and construction walls are down from around the main entrance. It’s located across from The Haunted Mansion.

Scrim on Columbia Harbour House

There is some scrim around scaffolding behind construction walls at the far end of the building.

Do you dine at Columbia Harbour House during your Magic Kingdom trips? Let us know in the comments.

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