Full List (With Locations) of New Collectible Medallions Replacing Disney100 Designs at Walt Disney World

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Full List (With Locations) of New Collectible Medallions Replacing Disney100 Designs at Walt Disney World

Disney100 collectible medallions are gone from Walt Disney World as the celebration officially comes to a close (although elements of 100 Years of Wonder remain at EPCOT). On January 1, a couple of the Disney100 medallions temporarily moved locations before being permanently removed. Here’s a full list of every collectible medallion, including some with 2024 backgrounds.

Medallion Pricing

all star sports medallions 4379

Medallions are $6 each, or you can get all four in a machine for $20. Credit cards can only be used for a set of four. Otherwise, you must use cash. No change is given, and the machines accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills.

Magic Kingdom

Disney Clothiers/Emporium – 2024 Mr. Toad, Dopey (7 of 7), Tigger (4 of 7), Magic Kingdom Fire Dept.

mk emporium medallions 6988
mk emporium medallions 6983
mk emporium medallions 6984

The 2024 design on the back of the Mr. Toad medallion and other medallions noted in this list features Cinderella Castle, Mickey, Pluto, Donald, and Goofy.

The Seven Dwarfs series of medallions all have a picture of Snow White with forest creatures on the back.

mk emporium medallions 6985

The Winnie the Pooh medallions have a picture of Pooh bear on the back with bees flying around him.

The fire department medallion features Mickey with a ladder and fire hydrant. The back of the medallion has the Magic Kingdom wordmark in the center with a ring of park iconography around it.

mk emporium medallions 6986
mk emporium medallions 6987

Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar – Pirate Mickey, Pirate Minnie, Skeleton Pirate, Pirate Stitch

mk plaza del sol caribe bazaar medallions 7283
mk plaza del sol caribe bazaar medallions 7280

These medallions all have the Pirates of the Caribbean wordmark on the back with a skull and crossbones.

mk plaza del sol caribe bazaar medallions 7281
mk plaza del sol caribe bazaar medallions 7282

Adventureland Breezeway – 2024 Pete’s Dragon, The Haunted Mansion, Frontierland, Grumpy (5 of 7)

mk adventureland breezeway medallions 7287
mk adventureland breezeway medallions 7284

Elliott from “Pete’s Dragon” is on the 2024 medallion. The Haunted Mansion and Frontierland medallions both have the Magic Kingdom back design.

mk adventureland breezeway medallions 7285

The Frontierland medallion’s design resembles a sheriff’s badge with Mickey in the center.

mk adventureland breezeway medallions 7286


Disney Traders – 2024 Olaf, Bashful (6 of 7), Remy, Anna and Elsa

disney traders medallions 4595
disney traders medallions 4606
disney traders medallions 4598
disney traders medallions 4596
disney traders medallions 4597

The backs of the “Ratatouille” and “Frozen” (Anna and Elsa) medallions feature the EPCOT logo surrounded by some of the park’s famous elements.

disney traders medallions 4599
disney traders medallions 4600
disney traders medallions 4601
disney traders medallions 4604
disney traders medallions 4602
disney traders medallions 4603

Port of Entry – 2024 Figment, Ralph and Vanellope, Happy (4 of 7), Mickey

port of entry medallions 4610
port of entry medallions 4611
port of entry medallions 4615

Figment is featured on this machine’s 2024 medallion.

port of entry medallions 4613

The “Wreck-It Ralph” and Mickey medallions have the EPCOT back.

port of entry medallions 4614

Mickey is depicted holding a paintbrush.

port of entry medallions 4612
port of entry medallions 4618
port of entry medallions 4616
port of entry medallions 4617

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Celebrity 5&10 – 2024 Sorcerer Mickey, Runaway Railway Goofy, Sneezy (2 of 7), Mr. Potato Head

dhs five and dime medallions 6225
dhs five and dime medallions 6216
dhs five and dime medallions 6217

This Goofy medallion depicts the classic character as he appears on Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, with a picture frame around him. Mickey and Minnie are on the back with “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.”

dhs five and dime medallions 6218

The Mr. Potato Head medallion has a Disney’s Hollywood Studios back featuring park iconography.

dhs five and dime medallions 6219

Tower Hotel Gifts – 2024 Mickey & Minnie, Bellhop Donald, Bellhop Goofy, Bellhop Stitch

dhs tower of terror medallions 6227 1
dhs tower of terror medallions 6237

The characters on these medallions are all in Tower of Terror-inspired outfits.

dhs tower of terror medallions 6235

Mickey and Minnie are in classy clothes, while the other three are dressed as bellhops.

dhs tower of terror medallions 6231 1
dhs tower of terror medallions 6232 1
dhs tower of terror medallions 6233 1
dhs tower of terror medallions 6234 1

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Ziwani Traders – 2024 Safari Mickey, Pocahontas, Mufasa, Gopher (5 of 7)

DAK ziwani traders pressed pennies 6161

The only medallion machine at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is outside Ziwani Traders.

DAK ziwani traders pressed pennies 6153

The Mickey Mouse medallion reads “I wish I were on a safari.”

Pocahontas is pictured with Meeko and Flit. The back of the Pocahontas and Mufasa medallions feature the Disney’s Animal Kingdom wordmark surrounded by park icons.

DAK ziwani traders pressed pennies 6154

Disney Springs

Pin Traders – Piglet (1 of 7), Captain America (1 of 12), Woody and Buzz, Ant-Man (10 of 12)

ds pin traders medallions 7321
ds pin traders medallions 8266

This machine introduces a series of Avengers medallions.

ds pin traders medallions 8267

The Avengers medallions have the team’s “A” logo on the back with the featured characters’ names around it.

ds pin traders medallions 8268

The “Toy Story” medallion’s back features Mickey, Dumbo, Tinker Bell, and Chuuby with the park icons and “Walt Disney World” in the center.

ds pin traders medallions 7319
ds pin traders medallions 7320

World of Disney – Black Widow (5 of 12), Hawkeye (6 of 12), Eeyore (6 of 7), Dumbo

ds world of disney medallions 8253

World of Disney has more Avengers medallions.

ds world of disney medallions 8254
ds world of disney medallions 8255
ds world of disney medallions 8256
ds world of disney medallions 8257
ds world of disney medallions 8259
ds world of disney medallions 8260

World of Disney – 2024 Pinocchio, Vision (7 of 12), Falcon (12 of 12), Kanga and Roo ( 3 of 7)

ds world of disney medallions 7543

The Pinocchio medallion has the 2024 back.

ds world of disney medallions 7544

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Monorail Station – Wasp (11 of 12), Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, Rabbit (2 of 7)

grand floridian medallions 8165
grand floridian medallions 8158

Unless they are part of a series, the medallions at the resorts have the general Walt Disney World back.

grand floridian medallions 8159

In this machine, the “Mary Poppins” and “Peter Pan” medallions have general Walt Disney World backs.

grand floridian medallions 8160
grand floridian medallions 8161
grand floridian medallions 8162

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Fantasia – 2024 Chef Donald and Minnie, Orange Bird, Hulk (4 of 12), Sleepy (3 of 7)

contemporary resort medallions 8242
contemporary resort medallions 8236
contemporary resort medallions 8237
contemporary resort medallions 8238
contemporary resort medallions 8239
contemporary resort medallions 8241

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Moana Mercantile – 2024 Surfer Mickey, Moana and Pua, Black Panther (8 of 12), Stitch

polynedian medallions 4473
polynedian medallions 4462
polynedian medallions 4458
polynedian medallions 4459
polynedian medallions 4460

The front of the Stitch medallion reads “‘Ohana Means Family” and “Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

polynedian medallions 4469
polynedian medallions 4463
polynedian medallions 4464

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Meadow Trading Post – 2024 Cowboy Mickey, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Mickey and Donald, Hiking Goofy

fort wilderness medallions 4437
fort wilderness medallions 4446
fort wilderness medallions 4440
fort wilderness medallions 4438

Cowboy Mickey’s medallion reads “Saddle Up.” He’s surrounded by stars. That medallion has the 2024 back, but the others feature Mickey in a Davy Crockett-like outfit with “Disney’s Frot Wilderness Resort & Campground” around him.

fort wilderness medallions 4439

Donald and Mickey are depicted on the third medallion looking at a map. Goofy is wearing hiking gear with a stick and his medallion reads “Take a Hike.”

fort wilderness medallions 4454
fort wilderness medallions 4441
fort wilderness medallions 4442
fort wilderness medallions 4443
fort wilderness medallions 4444
fort wilderness medallions 4445

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Entrance – 2024 “Monsters University” Mike and Sulley, Belle, War Machine (9 of 12), Owl (7 of 7)

all star music medallions 4517
all star music medallions 4518
all star music medallions 4519
all star music medallions 4520
all star music medallions 4521
all star music medallions 4522
all star music medallions 4523
all star music medallions 4524
all star music medallions 4525
all star music medallions 4526

Disney’s All-Star Sports

Entrance – Thor (3 of 12), Stitch, Cheerleader Minnie Mouse, Lightning McQueen

all star sports medallions 4374
all star sports medallions 4376
all star sports medallions 4377

On this medallion, Stitch holds Lilo’s doll Scrump.

all star sports medallions 4378

Minnie has cheerleader pomo-poms, posing next to a “Cheer Squad” megaphone and “Minnie Mouse” pennant.

all star sports medallions 4382
all star sports medallions 4380
all star sports medallions 4381
all star sports medallions 4384
all star sports medallions 4389

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

World Premiere Food Court – 2024 Little Green Aliens, Iron Man (2 of 12), Doc (1 of 7), Ahsoka

all star movies medallions 4411
all star movies medallions 4420
all star movies medallions 4427
all star movies medallions 4428

Ahsoka is depicted in her cartoon form and has the Walt Disney World medallion back.

all star movies medallions 4415
all star movies medallions 4416
all star movies medallions 4417
all star movies medallions 4418
all star movies medallions 4419

Tell us which medallions you’re collecting in the comments below.

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