Meilin smiling next to her stern mother.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: New ‘Turning Red’ Meilin & Ming Lee Meet and Greet for Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure

Katie Francis

Disney California Adventure is ready to celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year with a new “Turning Red” Meilin & Ming Lee meet and greet.

Meilin & Ming Lee Meet and Greet

A wide shot of the meet and greet area for Meilin & Ming Lee.

The meet and greet is located in the old stroller parking for The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, across from Embarcadero Gifts. An attendant is in place to help guests queue up to the side so as to not block the walkway and the characters are set back from the main path.

A closeup of the pergola.

A bright red pergola serves as the backdrop. In the center is a large red panda medallion with two red pandas within. Smaller medallions of cartoon red panda faces frame it. Small paper lanterns hang inside the pergola while large yellow ones hang from the roof in front.

A closeup of the paper banner.

There’s a paper banner of red pandas on either side of the area.

A closeup of the sign.

A small red panda standee holds a sign that reads “Welcome.”

Meilin & Ming Lee meet and greet from a short distance.

Meilin is partially transformed, with red panda ears and a tail. Ming Lee is fully in her human form, dressed neatly.

Meilin with her hands on her hips and a frustrated look while Ming stands behind with her hands clasped.

Mei has her pink sweater and glasses on.

Meilin smiling next to her stern mother.

Watch our experience at the Meilin & Ming Lee meet and greet below.

The 2024 Lunar New Year Celebration begins today, January 23, and runs through February 18 at Disney California Adventure.

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