NEW Mushu Tumbler & Macaron Straw Clip for Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure

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NEW Mushu Tumbler & Macaron Straw Clip for Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure

Lunar New Year Festival has returned to Disney California Adventure through February 18 with three souvenir specialty items: the returning Lotus Flower glow cube plus the new Mushu tumbler and Mickey Macaron straw clip.

A photo of the menu placards for the souvenir items.

The Lotus Flower Glow Cube is returning in the same bright blue as 2023 for $5.69.

Year of the Dragon Stainless Steel Mushu Tumbler – $27.99

Includes choice of fountain beverage, coffee, hot tea, or hot cocoa at time of purchase

A wide shot of the tumbler with the main Mushu art facing out.

The tumbler has a red background with cloud-like shapes. Mushu is in the center of the main design with his name below him and “Year of the Dragon” above him.

A side photo of the tumbler.

There are paper lanterns down two of the sides in shades of red, yellow, pink, and blue.

The tumbler is neither dishwasher- nor microwave-safe.

A photo of the tumbler's side with the Disney California Adventure logo.

The Disney California Adventure logo is in golden lettering on the side opposite Mushu.

The tumbler with the lanyard carrier attached.

The tumbler comes with a removable carrier. It attaches to the top, as pictured above.

A closeup of the lanyard design.

The lanyard carries the same iconography as the tumbler.

A closeup of the lid.

It has a slide closure for the clear lid.

Mickey-shaped Macaron Straw Clip – $7.19

A wide shot of the clip attached to the straw.

This straw clip is designed like the iconic Strawberry Milk Tea macaron, which you can find this year at Bamboo Blessings.

It comes with a golden straw but is attached with a matching lobster clip, so you can move it to another straw (or applicable attachment).

A closeup of the front of the macaron clip.

It matches the macaron from the bright red cookie to the golden stripe across the diagonal.

A side profile of the macaron clip.

It’s a semi-squishy foam and has a pink filling.

A wide shot of the back of the clip.

The back of the macaron, much like its real-life counterpart, is plain.

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