New Disney Munchlings Ornaments, Baymax S’mores Mug, Aliens Sushi Plate, & ‘Turning Red’ Bento Box Bring Delicious Fun to Walt Disney World

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New Disney Munchlings Ornaments, Baymax S’mores Mug, Aliens Sushi Plate, & ‘Turning Red’ Bento Box Bring Delicious Fun to Walt Disney World

Some new Disney Munchlings kitchenware, as well as late Munchlings Christmas ornaments, arrived at Walt Disney World this week.

We found the kitchenware items at Big Top Souvenirs and the ornaments in Disney Clothiers at Magic Kingdom.

New Disney Munchlings Merchandise at Walt Disney World

The Disney Munchlings merchandise display inside of Big Top Souvenirs. It looks like a bicycle cart.

Big Top Souvenirs has an area dedicated to Munchlings merchandise.

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7976

There are two sections of shelving with Munchlings items, in addition to the cart-style display.

Baymax S’mores Munchlings Mug – $24.99

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7965

This mug is inspired by one of the original Disney Munchlings plush, which reimagined Baymax as a s’mores.

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7966

The mug is stoneware and 455 milliliters / 16 ounces. It’s safe for dishwashers and microwaves.

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7967

The top graham cracker is a removable lid for the mug.

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7969

A Baymax s’mores ear headband was also recently released.

Other Baymax s’mores merch includes a giant plush and s’mores kit.

Aliens Sushi Plate with Chopsticks – $19.99

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7978

This stoneware sushi plate features images of the Alien Wasabi Peas released in a recent Munchlings mystery plush collection.

The plate includes a built-in bowl and a pair of chopsticks with green ends.

Red Panda Mei Bento Box – $19.99

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7638

This bento box resembles the red panda Meilin poutine mystery plush sitting in a red checked tray.

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7639

In addition to Big Top Souvenirs, we also spotted this bento box in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7641

The pieces are plastic with an orange silicone strap.

munchlings kitchenware 01.23 7644

It breaks down into multiple bowls.

Mickey Munchling Ornament – $24.99

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6949

There are five new holiday ornaments.

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6941

Mickey is depicted as a mocha cookie cheesecake with a red Santa hat.

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6942

His ears are the two chocolate chip cookies.

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6943

The white edge of his hat resembles icing with sprinkles.

Minnie Ornament – $24.99

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6950

The Minnie ornament turns her into holiday toffee pudding. There’s also a large plush version of this holiday Minnie.

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6952

She has red and green sprinkles on her white icing and sits in a red and white-striped cup.

Pluto Ornament – $24.99

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6958

The Pluto ornament is a reindeer rice cereal treat. Pluto wears antlers made of pretzels.

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6960

A white stick pokes out of the bottom of the ornament.

Red Panda Mei Ornament – $24.99

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6966

Red panda Mei is a baked apple brulee on this ornament.

Stitch Ornament – $24.99

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6974

The last ornament is a snowflake cupcake Stitch.

munchlings ornaments 01.02.23 6976

Stitch has sparkly white icing on his head topped with a large blue snowflake.

Do you collect Disney Munchlings merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

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