NEW Magic Kingdom and EPCOT ‘Discovery Series’ Starbucks Mugs Available at Walt Disney World

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NEW Magic Kingdom and EPCOT ‘Discovery Series’ Starbucks Mugs Available at Walt Disney World

Starbucks and Walt Disney World have teamed up to create two new mugs inspired by Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. These mugs are part of the new “Discovery Series” highlighting iconic elements of each location. We previously found a Disneyland Park mug and Disney California Adventure mug as part of this series.

Magic Kingdom Starbucks Mug – $24.99

Starbucks mug "Discovery Series" box

The Starbucks mugs each come in a black box reading “Starbucks Discovery Series” and “Disney Collection” with white silhouettes of a carousel horse, Jiminy Cricket, a Mickey balloon, Mickey Mouse, Mickey’s sorcerer’s hat, Tinker Bell, and Pluto among stars. We found the Magic Kingdom “Discovery Series” Starbucks mug in the Main Street Bakery — the park’s Starbucks location.

Magic Kingdom "Discovery Series" Starbucks mug in box

The mugs themselves are white ceramic. They are each 14 fl. oz or 414 mL. They’re dishwasher- and microwave-safe. The design around the Magic Kingdom mug has a colorway of mostly pink, blue, and yellow. It’s similar to the Disneyland Park mug but features some different imagery and the colors are less pastel.

One side of Magic Kingdom Starbucks mug with handle

“Starbucks” is printed in black near the handle. The design then begins with a pink striped bucket of buttery yellow popcorn. Next to the popcorn bucket is a blue TRON Lightcycle / Run vehicle zooming past. Looming above in shades of blue with yellow and pink accents is The Haunted Mansion.

Side of Magic Kingdom Starbucks mug

Moving around the mug, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is depicted in shades of pink, with a train leaving the station at the base of the mountain. A yellow dollop of DOLE Whip (or “pineapple swirl”) is pictured in a blue cup. Next to that, further representing Adventureland, a red, yellow, and blue macaw — José from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room — is on a perch.

Above the DOLE Whip and José is Sonny Eclipse, the famed audio-animatronic performer of Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. Sonny is pictured at his semi-circle keyboard with music notes floating around him.

Castle side of Magic Kingdom Starbucks mug

Near Sonny is a ringed planet marked with Zurg’s symbol from Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. The four Dapper Dans are pictured with red or blue pinstripe vests and yellow boater hats.

The largest image on the mug is, of course, Cinderella Castle. It’s depicted in blue and pink with yellow accents and fireworks going off in the sky above. Tinker Bell flies next to the tallest tower.

Magic Kingdom logo on Starbucks mug

The Magic Kingdom wordmark is printed in blue with white shadows against a yellow sun-like circle. Below the words and next to the castle are three giant flowers from “it’s a small world.” Above the words is a classic Mickey Mouse ear hat, next to a pink version of Space Mountain with two rocket vehicles circling it.

Close up of Magic Kingdom Starbucks mug

A Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride vehicle, complete with a blue circus hat and collar is pictured next to the Sword in the Stone. The stone is in shades of yellow and blue with a pink plaque. Colorful confetti-like dots swirl around the sword.

Blue interior of Starbucks mug

The inside of the Magic Kingdom mug is a dark matte blue. While the outside of each “Discovery Series” Starbucks mug is white, they each have a different interior color. The Disneyland mug was light pink inside, while the Disney California Adventure was light aqua.

EPCOT Starbucks Mug – $24.99

Two EPCOT Starbucks mugs in boxes

We found the EPCOT Starbucks mug in Creations Shop. The store is across from Connections Cafe, the park’s Starbucks location. It has a more pastel color scheme of light teal, purple, and orange.

One EPCOT Starbucks mug held by handle

Like the other mugs, the Starbucks wordmark is printed in black near the handle. Next to that is a teal plate with a croissant and fork on it.

The Nova Corps Star Blaster displayed outside Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is pictured in aqua and orange atop a purple column. Below the spaceship is Olaf with three Snowgies from the “Frozen” franchise. The four hot air balloons representing the four seasons that hang inside The Land Pavilion are depicted.

World Showcase on EPCOT Starbucks mug

On the center of the side opposite the handle is a larger image of World Showcase, with tiny representations of each pavilion and the park’s lagoon, complete with a few Friendship boats crossing the water. Above World Showcase is a paintbrush with purple paint on its bristles alongside a tube of yellow-orange paint, representing the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, which just began this week.

Next to the paint supplies is a rocky structure from Journey of Water Inspired by “Moana,” complete with Te Fiti’s heart swirl on the front. Below the rocks are the seagulls from the front of The Seas With Nemo & Friends.

EPCOT logo and Figment on Starbucks mug

The EPCOT logo and wordmark are in purple against an aqua-teal circle, with Figment off to one side, his arms held up like he’s presenting the park to his people. Some flowers are below Figment and a Test Track ride vehicle is directly below “EPCOT.” Above the park name are some clouds and a Soarin’ Around the World glider.

To the right is Spaceship Earth, with two fireworks going off above it — turning it into a hidden Mickey. Below Spaceship Earth, Remy from “Ratatouille” is holding a giant salt shaker.

Pink interior of EPCOT Starbucks mug

The inside of this mug is a dark pink color.

Which “Discovery Series” Starbucks mug is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments.

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