New Walt Disney World Partners Statue Shirts Available at Magic Kingdom

Shannen Ace

New Walt Disney World Partners Statue Shirts Available at Magic Kingdom

Shannen Ace

New Walt Disney World Partners Statue Shirts Available at Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World has new apparel featuring the famous Partners statue of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney. There are two long-sleeved adult shirts and one short-sleeved youth shirt.

Green Long-Sleeved Partners Statue Shirt – $39.99

partners statue apparel wdw 01.24 5577

This first long-sleeved shirt is a light and pale green.

partners statue apparel wdw 01.24 4921 1

The Partners statue is silhouetted in black against a green ombre silhouette of Cinderella Castle. “Walt Disney World” is printed in white lettering below the image.

partners statue apparel wdw 01.24 5579

This shirt was in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Tan Partners Statue Sweatshirt – $39.99

partners statue apparel wdw 01.24 4920

This pullover sweatshirt features the same design but it’s light tan instead of green.

partners statue apparel wdw 01.24 4921

This was in World of Disney at Disney Springs.

Youth Partners T-Shirt – $21.99

partners statue apparel wdw 01.24 7035

The youth T-shirt is white with Walt and Mickey silhouetted against a white Cinderella Castle and colorful sunset-like stripes. “Walt Disney World” is printed in red.

partners statue apparel wdw 01.24 7036

This shirt was in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney Statues at Disney Parks

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Sunset Disneyland with Partners statue Stock

Several Disney Parks feature statues of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. The original Partners statue, created by Blaine Gibson, was unveiled on Mickey’s birthday (November 18) at Disneyland in 1993. It stands in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, with Walt and Mickey looking down Main Street, U.S.A. A plaque below it has the following Walt Disney quote: “I think most of all what I want Disneyland to be is a happy place… where parents and children can have fun… together.”

Versions of Partners were eventually installed at Magic Kingdom (1995), Tokyo Disneyland (1998), Walt Disney Studios (2001), and Walt Disney Studios Park, Paris (2002).

Gibson said of the statue,

I chose to depict Walt as he was in 1954. I think that was when [he] was in his prime. It was tough trying to match the media image of Walt Disney, the one the public knows, to the real Walt, the one we knew. I think Walt is admiring the park and saying to Mickey, ‘Look what we’ve accomplished together,’ because truly they were very much a team through it all. ‘Look at all the happy people who have come to visit us today.’

Blane Gibson
roy and minnie statue main street magic kingdom feature image

Gibson also sculpted Sharing the Magic. This statue of Roy O. Disney and Minnie Mouse on a bench was installed at Magic Kingdom in 1999. It can be found in Town Square, though is sometimes moved for holiday decorations.

Buena Vista Street Storytellers statue

The Storytellers statue, designed by Rick Terry and Ray Spencer, was installed in Disney California Adventure in 2012. Storytellers depicts a younger Walt as he would have looked when arriving in Los Angeles in 1923, and an earlier design of Mickey. Versions were also erected in Tokyo DisneySea (2013) and Shanghai Disneyland (2016).

hkd dream makers statue cropped

To mark the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company, Hong Kong Disneyland unveiled the Dream Makers statue. The statue is inspired by the moment Walt dreamed up Disneyland while watching his children ride a carousel. The statue sits facing the park’s Cinderella Carousel and depicts an older Walt showing Mickey what they have accomplished.

Walt the Dreamer first look 2

The newest Walt Disney statue, Walt the Dreamer, is part of the World Celebration Gardens, which officially opened on Walt’s birthday, December 5, 2023. Walt the Dreamer is the first Walt statue that doesn’t include Mickey. It depicts Walt sitting on a bench looking out over the park. The back of the bench features detailing that emulates the proposed design and layout of Walt’s EPCOT.

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