The 7 Best AND Worst Food & Drinks at the 2024 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

Katie Francis

The 7 Best AND Worst Food & Drinks at the 2024 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

As invited media, Disney provided WDWNT with a $100 gift card for food and beverage for the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, so some of the following coverage was hosted. As always, WDWNT will still provide our honest thoughts on all below.

Our reporters have tasted everything on the menu this year for the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, and we’ve compiled the seven best and worst items.

For more in-depth details, check out our full review of every item from the festival.

We’ll start with the best of the worst.

The Worst 7

#7 – Blueberry-Filled Pastry Tart (Figment’s Inspiration Station)

A reporter's hand holding a small white paper plate with the blueberry pastry. In the background is a mural depicting Figment under a rainbow.

This is a dry, nearly flavorless imitation of a Pop Tart. It doesn’t even take a cute enough photo to justify $4.75.

#6 – Duck & Dumplings (The Artist’s Table)

A long rectangular white paper plate holding two dumplings between three slices of duck.

This was greasy, with dense dumplings and congealed ricotta.

#5 – Silk River Hard Lemonade (Painted Panda)

A stemless plastic wine cup with a vibrant pink drink inside.

Lavender-heavy and sickeningly sweet, there are simply too many good cocktails at EPCOT to waste your money on this.

#4 – Char Siu Pork Bun (Painted Panda)

A pork bun overflowing with filling on a white rectangle plate.

This is dry, bland, and unpalatable.

#3 – Mozzarella Fritta (L’Arte di Mangiare)

Fried mozzarella plated in the center of a small art palette, with four different condiments in eight of the paint spots.

The presentation is cute, but somehow, they failed at breaded, fried cheese.

#2 Italian White & Red Sangrias (L’Arte di Mangiare)

WDW EPCOT Festival of the Arts Italian Sangria collage

These are $12 each, and we recommend running far from both. They’re cheap, unpleasant, and were served warm (likely unintentionally).

#1 – Smokey Banana Bliss Margarita (El Artista Hambriento)

A reporter's hand holding a plastic cup filled with yellow-orange liquid and a banana leaf garnish.

Not only is this the worst cocktail in EPCOT festival history, but it’s the worst of the worst overall this year. It’s sticky, cloying, and medicinal. Buying this is like throwing $15.50 in the trash, because that’s where it’ll end up.

And now, starting with the worst of the best:

The Best 7

#7 – General Tso’s Chicken Shumai (Painted Panda)

Three chicken dumplings on a rectangular white plate.

Long-time readers may remember that we often enjoy General Tso’s Chicken dishes (like the salad at Connections Eatery), and this dish is no exception. The sweet and spicy dumplings are plump with chicken.

#6 – Duo de Saumon Hot and Cold (L’Art de la Cuisine Française)

A rectangular white plate with the cold salmon offering on the left and the hot salmon offering on the right.

You can get the cold and hot options separately for $7.95 each, or get this combination plate for $14.75. It’s not much of a savings, but you may as well save a little if you want to try both. You can’t go wrong with either but the hot option is one of the best new items at the festival.

#5 – Tomato Soup with Pimento Cheese, Bacon, and Friend Green Tomato Grilled Cheese (POP Eats)

Tomato soup in a Pop Eats can sits next to two halves of a grilled cheese sandwich on a white rectangular plate.

Not only is this the best version of the tomato soup and grilled cheese dishes they’ve had over the years, it’s one of our favorites overall. The fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese really elevate the dish.

#4 – Red Wine-Braised Beef Short Rib (Pastoral Palate)

WDW EPCOT Festival of the Arts Pastoral Palate Braised Beef Short Rib

This dish is incredibly tender, flavorful, and hearty enough for sharing.

#3 – Deconstructed Key Lime Pie (Deconstructed Dish)

A square paper plate with the deconstructed Key Lime Pie elements artfully arranged.

Not only does the presentation nail the heart of the booth, but it offers the perfect balance of sweet and tart while allowing you to balance the flavors to your preference.

#2 – Wild Mushroom Risotto (Gourmet Landscapes)

A small white bowl with a small serving of risotto.

This is a phenomenal risotto and one of only two vegan dishes this year. It’s rich and hearty.

#1 – Crazy Chocolate Funnel Cake Sandwich (Funnel Cake)

A chocolate funnel cake sandwich on a small white paper plate.

Our favorite dish of the whole festival this year is also the best funnel cake they’ve created. There’s a lot going on but it all works together so well.

What are your favorite and least favorite dishes from the 2024 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts? Let us know in the comments.

The Festival of the Arts runs through February 19, 2024. See our full guide to the festival for more information.

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