PHOTOS: Tiana’s Foods Water Tower Installed at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Disneyland Park

Brit Tuttle

The Tiana’s Foods water tower has finally been installed at Disneyland Park, marking a new milestone in the transformation of the former Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Tiana’s Foods Water Tower Installed

The Tiana's Foods water tower sits in the distance, behind the Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland Park.

During our visit to Disneyland Park today, we spotted that the Tiana’s Foods water tower had appeared amongst the construction. In this photo, you can see it’s framed perfectly within the refurbishment scaffolding on the Mark Twain Riverboat.

A wide-angle photo of the construction on Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Disneyland.

Over at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which is scheduled to open in late 2024, we got a closer look at the new water tower. Walt Disney World installed its version back in June 2023.

A closer look at the construction of Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Disneyland Park, including the newly-installed water tower.

In the story of the attraction, Tiana’s Foods is an employee-owned co-op established by Tiana in 1927, following her success with her restaurant, Tiana’s Palace — which opened in September 2023 at Disneyland Park.

The co-op is located inside of a salt mine, with growers planting their crops along the former Splash Mountain waterway.

Two crew members work to the left of the Tiana's Foods water tower.

The water tower is located just to the right of the drop when viewing the attraction from the front. During our visit, we spotted crew members working on the structure.

A close-up photo of the Tiana's Foods water tower.

The tower is dark brown with a light-colored roof, and features a sculpture that resembles Tiana’s tiara from “The Princess and the Frog.” The logo for Tiana’s Foods is painted on the tower in white.

A side view of the Tiana's Foods water tower and Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction.

Most of the scaffolding around the water tower has been removed, with just a small section remaining on the left-side supports. In our most recent update, work has been trucking along, with an update to the flume area and new metal work installed.

A photo of the side of the Tiana's Foods water tower, partially blocked by foliage.

Disneyland’s version of the rethemed attraction still has a way to go in comparison to its Magic Kingdom counterpart. In this photo, you can see that sculpting is still underway on the hilltop of the salt mine.

A close-up side view of the Tiana's Foods water tower.

The tiara sculpture on the water tower includes two small stars, representing Ray and his love, Evangeline. You can also see where yellow straps tied to nearby scaffolding are being used to help support the water tower.

Once complete, the reimagined attraction will pick up after the events of “The Princess and the Frog,” taking riders on a journey to help find animal friends and prepare for a special Mardi Gras celebration. The ride will feature 17 new characters and multiple Tiana audio-animatronics — including one sporting a new adventuring outfit.

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