PHOTOS: Remodeled United Kingdom Pavilion Restrooms Adorned with NEW ‘Waterloo’ & Entrance Signs at EPCOT

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U.K. Pavilion restrooms Waterloo sign

PHOTOS: Remodeled United Kingdom Pavilion Restrooms Adorned with NEW ‘Waterloo’ & Entrance Signs at EPCOT

New signage, including a “Waterloo” crest, was installed Wednesday morning above the United Kingdom Pavilion restrooms in EPCOT.

U.K. Pavilion Restrooms

Crews installing U.K. Pavilion restroom signs

We saw two crew members installing the signs. The restrooms have been closed since June of last year, with the nearby World ShowPlace restrooms open for the time being. Construction walls came down from outside the restrooms earlier this month, but planters continue to block access.

These were one of the last restrooms in EPCOT that still sported its look from when the park opened in 1982, but we suspect it will look completely different inside when it does reopen.

U.K. Pavilion restrooms Waterloo sign

The men’s and women’s signs were covered with black tarps, as was a long sign between the restroom archways. Above the center sign is a new bronze Waterloo plaque. It features two lions facing each other across a “WC” shield, above waves.

Waterloo sign above U.K. Pavilion restrooms

Waterloo is a district in London. The name is used here as a bathroom-based pun. “WC” stands for “water closet,” a term mostly used in England to refer to a room housing a toilet. Of course, a “loo” is also a term used for such facilities across the pond.

Women's restroom symbol in U.K. Pavilion

After the crew members left, the tarp slipped from the women’s restroom sign, revealing a new symbol for the restroom. The standard women’s room stick figure is pictured with a wide-brimmed hat and an umbrella, maybe inspired by Mary Poppins, but the hat seems too big to be so.

Women's restroom sign in U.K. Pavilion

There’s a word is on the sign below the symbol and it might be “ladies”, but it is too early to tell.

It seems the U.K. Pavilion restrooms will be opening soon. Stay tuned to WDWNT for updates.

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