BREAKING: Full Details Revealed for DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida

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This morning, Universal Orlando Resort announced the opening window for DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida, as well as confirmed the attractions and other offerings that will be in the new land.

DreamWorks Land Attractions

Key art for DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida.

The land will open with three previously unannounced attractions, themed to Trolls, Kung Fu Panda, and Shrek.


Concept art for Troll's Trollercoaster in DreamWorks Land.

On Trolls Trollercoaster, guests will board the caterpillar Caterbus and travel on this family-friendly coaster with Poppy, Tiny, and the twins Satin and Chenille in an attempt to escape spooky spiders.

Poppy’s Playground will be found nestled under a 20-foot-tall mushroom, offering a shaded play area full of colorful flowers and bugs. Here, the youngest guests can find bouncing and climbing structures to enjoy.

At Trolls Treats, Poppy’s boombox from “Trolls Band Together” has been transformed into a kiosk that offers Trolls ice cream treats inspired by Poppy and Branch, like the pink lemonade-flavored Poppy-licious Pink and huckleberry-flavored BroZone Berry.

High Five Hideaway will be the land’s retail location, offering merchandise including plush and apparel from “Shrek,” “Trolls,” “Kung Fu Panda,” “Gabby’s Dollhouse,” and more.

Kung Fu Panda

Concept art for Panda Village in DreamWorks Land.

In Po Live!, guests will visit Panda Village, the ancestral home of Po and all pandas. There, they meet and speak with Po via a “digital animated screen.” Po will train viewers in the ways of kung fu, all while babysitting his mischievous baby cousin Ling Ling and cooking delicious snacks.

In Panda Village, guests can play in Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp, which will offer both wet and dry play areas. Guests can help the pandas wash and dry their laundry with water cannons, dump buckets, giant fans, and more.

Other interactive elements in the area include a gong, giggling baby pandas, and oversized merry-go-round noodle bowls from Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop.


Concept art for Shrek's Swamp Meet in DreamWorks Land.

The final new attraction is Shrek’s Swamp Meet, where guests will be able to encounter Shrek, Princess Fiona, and Donkey outside of Shrek’s iconic swamp home.

Shrek’s Swamp will also have a playground, titled Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres, where guests can climb, slide, and splash through Shrek’s home.

Guests can also explore Mama Luna Feline Fiesta, the retirement home for cats from “Puss in Boots 2: The Last Wish.” Interactive screens activated by buttons, bells, maracas, and levers will bring Mama Luna’s cats out to play — and possibly even Puss in Boots himself.

King Harold’s Swamp Symphony will allow guests to create their own melodies via a choir of frogs, all by stomping on interactive lily pads.

At the Swamp Snacks kiosk, guests can enjoy dishes inspired by “Shrek,” including Shrekzel, Far Far A Waffle, Frozen Ogre, and more.

Entertainment in DreamWorks Land

Concept art for the entrance sign to DreamWorks Land.

As for entertainment, a new live show will be offered, titled “DreamWorks Imagination Celebration.” Described as a “multisensory adventure,” this show will combine pop songs, dancing, and “advanced technology” to create a party atmosphere with characters in the new DreamWorks Theater.

Guests will also be able to meet their favorite characters at DreamWorks Character Zone, including Gabby from Gabby’s Dollhouse.

Are you excited for DreamWorks Land to open this summer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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