PHOTOS: New Shrek, Trolls, & Kung Fu Panda Posters Added to Construction Walls in DreamWorks Land

Brit Tuttle

Following this morning’s announcement of an opening window and details for DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida, new posters have been added to the construction walls surrounding the land.

Posters Added to DreamWorks Land Construction Walls

A wide shot of the DreamWorks Land construction walls with newly added posters.

We happened to be in the park as the announcement went live, and spotted that new posters for each of the land’s areas had been added to the construction walls.

A close-up of one of the Shrek posters for DreamWorks Land.

The poster for Shrek’s Swamp reads,

At least one of us is excited

Enter the swamp this summer

The poster features Shrek and Donkey on an ombre green background. Donkey is perched on Shrek’s shoulder, smiling, to whom Shrek offers a smirk and raises an eyebrow.

A close-up of the Kung Fu Panda poster for DreamWorks Land.

The Panda Village-related poster reads,

Train with Po!

The awesomeness starts this summer

The poster showcases Po with a bamboo staff in hand, making his best kung fu pose against an ombre red, orange, and yellow background.

A close-up of the other Shrek poster for DreamWorks Land.

A second Shrek poster was also added, and says,

Bring your friends!

Swing by this summer

The poster features Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots swinging by on a rope, with Donkey looking less than thrilled.

A close-up of the poster for Trolls in DreamWorks Land.

The poster for Trolls has Poppy and Branch jumping in the air against an ombre pink, orange, and yellow background. The poster says,

Hair we go!

The party starts this summer

DreamWorks Land opens to guests in summer 2024 and will feature three new attractions, playground areas, themed snack and treat kiosks, and more.

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