BREAKING: Skull Island: Reign of Kong Removes 3D Glasses at Islands of Adventure

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Skull Island: Reign of Kong has gotten a major update and is no longer in 3D. The attraction, located at Universal Islands of Adventure, has been a 3D attraction since it opened back in 2016. Now, the film portions of the attraction have become 2D and no longer require 3D glasses, like the version used on the Tram Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood.

A nighttime shot of the entrance of Skull Island: Reign of Kong with lit torches and purple lighting on the sign

Skull Island: Reign of Kong No Longer in 3D

Skull Island Reign of Kong 2d 2 1

Pictured above is the previous listing for the attraction, which categorized it under “3-D / 4-D Experience.” Pictured below is the updated listing, which places it in the “Thrill” category instead.

Skull Island Reign of Kong 2d 1 1

The 3D glasses have been removed from the attraction, and guests will no longer need to wear the themed “goggles” while riding. This is most likely a cost-saving measure and will eliminate several positions that involve washing and racking up the 3D glasses between uses. There are no “in your face” moments, and there really isn’t a significant difference in the film’s appearance without 3D glasses. The Kong animatronic is quite impressive and actually looks better without the glasses.

The loading area for the ride where guests pick up glasses. The sign above the 4 bins of glasses says "Goggle Pickup"

Previously, guests would pick up a pair of “goggles” just before boarding the ride vehicle. Several bins of 3D glasses were available on both sides of the queue, just before a Team Member assigned you your row. In each spiel, the “driver” would tell guests to put on the goggles before entering the caves. This part of the audio has been removed.

A hand holding a pair of 3D glasses in front of an empty ride vehicle

If you have experienced this attraction in full, the ride vehicles take guests through an outdoor portion where 3D glasses aren’t necessary. As you entered through the doors, the driver would instruct you to put on the goggles (3D glasses). The attraction has been operating in B mode for a while due to technical issues, which completely eliminates the outdoor section of the ride. Originally, B mode was designed to keep the attraction operational during inclement weather. If you’ve been to Islands of Adventure during bad weather, you quickly realize how many attractions are outdoors and close temporarily when lightning is in the area. Skull Island: Reign of Kong having a B mode option allows the ride to stay open by skipping the outdoor portion.

Team Members at the exit of the ride collecting 3D glasses in bins labeled "goggle drop off"

“Goggle drop off” bins are placed around the exit of the ride and Team Members are there to make sure guests drop off the glasses. There are even alarms that notify Team Members if someone forgets to return them to the bins. There are a few Team Members involved in collecting, cleaning, and racking up glasses between each guest, so removing 3D glasses helps cut costs.

kong no 3d

The goggle distribution signage has been removed.

Watch our video below to see the 2-D version of Skull Island: Reign of Kong.

A nighttime shot of the gorilla shaped stone entrance with lit torches on both sides

Last year, the attraction started operating strictly in B mode, which is an alternate path that skips the outdoor portion of the ride. You watch our video below to experience the attraction in B mode and 3D.

How do you feel about Skull Island: Reign of Kong removing 3D glasses at the Universal Orlando Resort? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. I think it’s a mistake to do that. But it’s certainly a huge cost saver just on maintenance costs alone for a 3D attraction.

  2. Is this going to look like Fast and Furious? I hope not. Fast and Furious is the only ride I don’t like at Universal! Hopefully they won’t do that to Gringot’s Bank or there will be a revolt!


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