Donald’s Quacky Duck City Announced, Pete Character Debuts in Parade

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Concept art of the Donald flower bed

Donald’s Quacky Duck City Announced, Pete Character Debuts in Parade

The second Pal-Palooza for Tokyo Disneyland has been announced as Donald’s Quacky Duck City. The first Pal-Palooza, Minnie’s Funderland kicked off on January 10 and will run through March 19. Donald’s Quacky Duck City will take over from April 9 through June 30.

Donald’s Quacky Duck City

Artwork for Donald's Quacky Duck City in comic book style.

Donald’s Quacky Duck City imagines a world where Donald Duck is a superstar. Decorations, entertainment, food, and more will all honor him as a “great duck.”

Quacky Celebration: Donald the Legend!

A new parade, Quacky Celebration: Donald the Legend! will debut for the Pal-Palooza. It will take place 1-2 times per day and runs for about 35 minutes.

There will be six floats and approximately 65 performers and characters, including the first appearance of Pete. The characters will have new costumes in Donald’s honor.


The park will become Donald’s Duck City with various themed decorations.

Concept art of the Donald flower bed

At the park entrance, the flower bed will feature Donald and bunting matching his outfit. A Donald Duck marquee hangs behind it.

Concept art of the World Bazaar sculpture.

In World Bazaar, a monument to Donald the superstar will be in place. The centerpiece is a large sculpture of Donald with his friends in their themed costumes below. Various trophies honoring Donald are on display.

Concept art of the plaza art

The plaza will become Duck City with special art on the ground and planter beds, plus banners into the castle forecourt.

Food & Beverage

Starting April 1, before the Pal-Palooza begins, guests can find special themed menus.

Duck Dive Pasta Set – ¥2,040

The Duck Dive pasta set

The set comes with fettuccine carbonara with beef sauce, topped with blue-colored cheese. An egg is used to make it look like Donald is “diving” into the meal. For dessert is a cheesecake mousse filled with pineapple jam and topped with a Donald-shaped chocolate.

Guests can find this and the drink below at Plaza Pavilion Restaurant.

Sparkling Jelly Drink With Souvenir Coaster – ¥1,000

The sparkling jelly drink with a blue Donald coaster

The drink comes with one of three souvenir coasters, randomly selected.

Special Sundae – ¥780

The special sundae themed to Donald Duck

Ice Cream Cones will have a special whipped cheese and mango sundae made to look like Donald is sticking out upside-down from the cup. It has layers of blue jelly, diced mango, and whipped cream cheese.


Special themed merchandise will be available beginning April 8. There will also be a guest voting campaign where guests are asked to choose their favorite concept art for the Pal-Palooza. The winning design will be available as merchandise.

Donald Duck themed candy tins

Some of the items available include themed candies.

A graphic showing the various merchandise

The above items include:

  • Pouch Set – ¥2,100
  • Clear Folder Set – ¥1,200
  • Sticker Set – ¥800
  • Postcard Set – ¥750
  • Towel Set – ¥880
Quack-Quack sticks in various colors

The Quack-Quack stick quacks when shaken and will be available for ¥1,500 each.


Themed Rooms – Disney Ambassador Hotel

The Disney Ambassador Hotel will have guest rooms themed to Donald’s Quacky Duck City.

Concept art of a themed hotel room

Some of the room decor includes themed headboards and blankets.

Concept art of wall decor

Art centering around the Pal-Palooza will adorn the walls.

Special Menus – Disney Ambassador Hotel & Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

A spread of various themed foods

Special themed menu items will be available at the Disney Ambassador Hotel starting on April 8 and at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel starting on April 1.

Donald's Quacky Duck City cake set

The Hyperion Lounge at the Disney Ambassador Hotel will have a Donald’s Quacky Duck City Cake Set for ¥2,500.

Disney Resort Line

Starting on April 8, day passes for the resort’s monorail will have themed designs.

The themed monorail ticket design

Vacation Packages

A vacation package will be available that includes dedicated seating for the parade at either the castle forecourt or the plaza garden seats. Details have not yet been released.

Will you visit Tokyo Disneyland during Donald’s Quacky Duck City Pal-Palooza? Let us know in the comments.

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