PHOTOS: Significant Painting Progress on DVC Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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Light brown paint on DVC tower

PHOTOS: Significant Painting Progress on DVC Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

We’ve seen significantly more paint work on the new DVC tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort since our last construction update, when painting had just begun on the side of the tower facing the Monorail track.

DVC Tower Construction

Dirt construction site by DVC tower

The new tower will be part of the same condo association as the current Disney Vacation Club accommodations at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. It’s located on the edge of Seven Seas Lagoon, where Luau Cove and the Spirit of Aloha dinner show used to be. The construction site is behind walls right next to other Polynesian buildings.

DVC tower from Monorail

The tower is made of three sections, with the center being the tallest. During our passes on the Walt Disney World Monorail, we’ve seen crew members moving in and out of the large opening on this end of the building.

Center of DVC tower from Monorail

Plywood still covers several openings in the center of the building. The steel framework of an awning that was installed a few weeks ago now has paneling on top of it. There are two awnings, one on each side of the building, hanging over the top floor.

Light brown paint on DVC tower

Painting has moved to the exterior of the building around the elevators. It looks like crews have already painted multiple coats of the cream-brown paint. The lower part of the painted section is a lighter color than the rest.

The windows of the elevators are covered in tarps while painting continues and we saw one crew member working on the wall to the lower left.

Balcony work on DVC tower

Crews have also been installing sheathing on the balcony walls in this section of the building. We saw one crew member working on a balcony on the fourth floor. The sheathing wraps around both sides of some of the walls, as well as the floors.

Wing of DVC tower

There is sheathing on every other row of walls. Permanent balcony railings have yet to be installed.

Brown paint on DVC tower

Scaffolding has been erected around this end of the building, where painting is still underway. There are three shades of color here: dark brown on the very end, followed by light brown, followed by a cream color. Since our last visit, the three colors have been more well-defined with clear lines between them. There’s also a strip of dark brown on a wall to the right.

Scaffolding around tower

An opening timeframe for the DVC tower has not been announced.

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  1. An abomination. Disney continues to ignore the theming and design elements that actually make staying at their hotels a special experience. This thing does not fit in with the rest of Polynesian.


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